3D printing ideas for a spooky Halloween

3D printing ideas for Halloween

It’s that time again: October 31st and Halloween is just around the corner! Halloween is no longer just popular in the US. The spooky festival of ghosts, pumpkins and disguises has also arrived in parts of Europe in recent years. Therefore, once a year, both adults and children transform into bloodthirsty and scary creatures to go from house to house for candy or to attract attention at a Halloween party. Of course, decorations should not be missing here either. From pumpkins, which are supposed to scare off monsters, dead people and other creepy creatures in the night of Halloween, to spider webs, to edible decorations, nothing should be missing. To mark the occasion, we’ve made a list of the scariest things to print, divided into masks, decorations and accessories. Have a Spooky Halloween!

scary masks

The king of the night

If you are a fan of the Game of Thrones series, this mask is for you. Don’t worry we’re going to spoil anything, we’re just telling you that betting on this model is a guaranteed hit. One of the HBO series’ most iconic characters is the Night King, with his signature icy skin and blue hue. Thanks to 3D printing, you can reproduce the image of the character and be successful on Halloween night. What are you waiting for to scare your acquaintances? Download the 3D model here.

Dark Mask

This terrifying mask was designed by Spanish artist Shira and 3D printed using a DiwoBQ machine. The peculiarity of this proposal is that it can be printed in two parts and then connected with an elastic band, allowing the displacement of the jaw. With this original idea, your costume will be a hit on Halloween night and you only have to use 3D printing to get it! Remember that choosing the color of the thread will be key to creating a more frightening effect. The file can be found at this link.

The House of Money

Do you know the famous series “The Money Heist”? Launched a few years ago, the series still inspires everyone when it comes to choosing a Halloween costume. With the help of 3D printing it is now possible to reproduce the famous mask of the painter Dali used by the characters of the series. In just a few hours you can have the mask and all you need is a red jumpsuit to complete the costume. You can get the mask file here.

A smiling joker

Designer Eddie Cristiano researched the internet and found many 3D masks with the low poly effect and that there were very few realistic masks with a good joker finish. So he decided to create his own mask using 3D software Zbrush and later Simplify 3D. This is undoubtedly a very original idea that will bring you success with just one 3D print on Halloween. Also, with the recent release of the JOKER movie, this mask will attract many people’s attention. Here you can find the model for download.

3D printing ideas for decoration

giant spiders

If there’s one thing most people can agree on, it’s that spiders can scare anyone. These hairy insects are a must-have in any Halloween situation. Bigger or smaller, the long-legged spider can startle most people who see it. The good thing about this model is that you only have to print and assemble the parts one by one to get the original decoration. This type of 3D printing during Halloween is the perfect strategy if you want to scare people to death. Download the 3D model here.

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Hands sticking out of the wall, reaching for you

This spooky decoration is sure to turn heads, whether it’s on the wall at your Halloween party or on the door to scare the candy collectors. The best thing about the decoration is that you can easily make it yourself with a 3D printer. This allows you to print the hands with no infill, making them light enough to hang without any problems. In addition, you can leave your hands open at the bottom, so you can easily hang it on a nail. The instructions can be found ​here.​

Frankenstein’s head as a candy bowl

Frankenstein is probably one of the most famous monsters. It has become a popular culture icon and has been featured in various media such as films, TV series, merchandise and video games. Now you can easily 3D print your own Frankenstein monster. In our example, even the brain can be removed, so that Frankenstein not only serves as a creepy decoration, but can also be used as a bowl for the sweets – how practical. Here are the instructions.

vampire bats

Bats alone are often a bit scary to humans due to the fact that they live in dark caves, sleep upside down and can only be seen at night. Nevertheless, it goes one level more spooky, namely when there is talk of vampire bats. Although they are only a species of bats, we often associate them with the vampires shown to us in movies, the ones that suck blood and take human life. Therefore, of course, this decoration should not be missing on Halloween.

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3D printing ideas for the most terrifying accessories

A skull as a bowl

Of course, a skull and crossbones is a must on Halloween. Since a skull symbolizes death and the transience of human life, it’s just the right decoration to scare someone on Halloween. For example, how about having to reach into your head to grab some chips? With your 3D printer and these instructions, you can make just such a bowl yourself. Scary factor guaranteed!

cookie cutter

Baking cookies for Halloween is always a great option when you have guests at home. Still, originality shouldn’t be overlooked on a day like this. These are some of the cookie cutters that you can 3D print from home to give them a more quirky touch. Whether you are organizing a celebration for the little ones or for adults, there is never a lack of attention to these details. Besides the cat and witch mold, there are many other models that you can create with your 3D printer. You can find them here.

Bloody Axes

When it comes to Halloween costumes and props, a simple ax can be used in a variety of ways. Whether you dress up as a lumberjack or as a movie character, this accessory can be customized to suit your needs and, in this case, your costume. It might take a little more work to 3D print this ax, but it’s definitely a great choice for Halloween night. Download the model to Thingiverse.

Rings for Halloween

Thinking about your Halloween costume but don’t know how to put the finishing touches on it? In Cults3D there are many models of rings that you can print in 3D that have a very original design and are also refrigerated. From skulls to pumpkins, these rings are easy to make and can be the finishing touch to your costume. Don’t forget to consider your finger size to create the right size. Here are the links to model 1, model 2 and model 3 of the rings.

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