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7 brilliant 3D printing ideas for Easter 2021

Creative 3D printing craft ideas for the Easter holidays

In recent years we have already reported to you several times about the relevance of 3D printing for Easter. With the “3D Egg Painter” app, for example, Easter eggs can be painted digitally and then produced using 3D printing.

We would like to continue this tradition this year: Here are our 3D printing tips for Easter 2021.

Funny Easter Eggs 2019

3D printing of Easter Bunny figures

In the 1990s, insiders used the so-called Stanford bunnies as 3D test models. They are now among the most frequently used test models in 3D computer graphics.

No wonder that numerous templates and models can be found on the Internet. You can choose the right one for you from a variety of designs and create your own Easter bunny using 3D printing.

Of course, you can also design a bunny very individually using 3D CAD software, whereby there are practically no limits to the designer’s imagination. A special variant are Easter bunny figures with a integrated holder for easter eggs. This gives the viewer the impression that the rabbit wants to “hop away” with the eggs.

Cookie cutters with Easter motifs from the 3D printer

Easter bunny cookie cutters are always very popular with children. There are also numerous models available on the internet. Above all, the freedom of design possible in 3D printing technology enables cookie cutters with particularly delicate details. Although these are a bit tricky to use, they reward the user with extraordinarily detailed cookies – at the latest after coating the cookies with chocolate or icing you get impressive results.

Of course, not only (Easter) bunnies, but also other animals can be 3D printed as cookie cutters. Chicks and lambs are particularly suitable for Easter. Other attractive motifs for cookies are birds or of course – very classic – Easter eggs.

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Bunny shaped egg cup

Although the daily breakfast egg is a natural part of the daily routine for many people outside of the Easter season, this does not change the fact that the ritual of eating eggs at Easter breakfast is always of particular importance. So what could be more obvious than producing special egg cups for this occasion using 3D printing? These can be decorated with your favorite Easter motifs.

Easter eggs from the 3D printer

Having already covered the egg cups, what could be more obvious than 3D printed Easter eggs? An important advantage of these eggs compared to the “hen-made” originals: They don’t (usually) break when they fall. Nothing stands in the way of using it for several years. The only catch: Of course, the 3D printed Easter eggs are not suitable for consumption.

The special thing about it: Easter eggs can be produced in a very individual number of pieces using 3D printing, and even in different shades of colour. Or modify the eggs: how about funny faces or bunny ears?

Printed bunny ears as a jewelry accessory

If you have children, 3D printed rabbit ears might also be of interest to you. These are integrated into a headband so that they can be worn as a headdress. This type of jewelery is always very popular, not only at Easter, but also at carnival.

Easter egg basket and planter

Another way of decorating the apartment for Easter with the help of 3D printing is to design and print out a bowl for storing and presenting the Easter eggs.

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If you want to beautify your apartment with early bloomers this season (after all, Easter is also a spring festival), you might want to use the 3D printer to create an individually designed one planter to produce.

Easter duck as a lamp from the 3D printer

Aside from bunnies, a few other animals are also associated with Easter (or spring in general). Lamps in the shape of ducks or hens are therefore a particularly fun idea for Easter. You can also find numerous models for these motifs on the Internet.

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