SOLIDWORKS World 2016: Day Two Recap

The second day of SWW was full of information and very interesting speakers.

We talked about MySolidWorks, SOLIDWORKS Education, the SOLIDWORKS Entrepreneur program, as well as new releases like SOLIDWORKS Make and SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids.

In addition to that, we received on stage some super interesting clients who shared their innovations in the aerospace world, the world of beer, or even that of lingerie.

We had interventions from Suchit Jain (SOLIDWORKS Vice President of Strategy and Community), Richard Doyle (Director of the SOLIDWORKS User Group Network), Richard Friedfelt (CEO of ClearVision Optical), Igal Kapstan (VP of Product Management for SOLIDWORKS Make), Marie Planchard (Director of SOLIDWORK Education), Chin-Loo Lama (Senior User Experience Design Engineer), among others.

The clients we have invited on stage are Space Elevator, Brewbot, and Trusst Lingerie

Space Elevator

Trusst Lingerie

For more details, you can find the full summary of the day here.

See you soon for the recap of the 3rd and last day!

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