Bionic world: better living thanks to technology

Nowadays, there is no shortage of incredible stories describing the tremendous advancements of engineers in the field of medical devices. From Robert Downey Jr., aka “Iron Man”, donating a 3D printed prosthetic arm revolutionary proton therapy destroying cancer cells, innovations in the design of medical devices are a beacon of hope and a sign of progress. For designers and engineers, these stories are proof of their ability to build a better world.

In this infographic, we take a look at recent breakthroughs in medical device design, imagine that futuristic technologies are about to become science fact, and we set out the golden rules to follow during your design. .

Click here to see the infographic

To learn more about designing medical devices and overcoming regulatory and time constraints, see our page dedicated to life sciences to read our tech brief, see ProNova’s cancer cell-killing cyclotron in action, read customer stories, and find out how to get your medical discovery to market in record time.


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