Lesson 9- ZOOM Scale

You can specify a relative change in view magnification by using Zoom Scale and typing a factor followed by the X character.

  • the view center remains in the center of the display window.
  • scale factors larger than 1.0 have a zoom in effect while factors less than 1.0 have a zoom out effect.

  • Zoom In (2X) and Zoom Out (0.5X) use the Scale option of Zoom.
  • you will find these 2 menu options in the View + Zoom pulldown menu and in the Zoom toolbar (or Standard toolbar flyout).

Practice with ZOOM Scale

1- Continue in the same drawing from the previous exercise.

2- Pick View + Zoom + Out

3- Examine your command line history.

Command: ‘_zoom
Specify corner of window, enter a scale factor (nX or nXP), or [All/Center/Dynamic/Extents/Previous/Scale/Window] <real time>: .5x

AutoCAD automatically supplies a factor of .5x to the first Zoom command prompt when you select the Zoom Out menu.

4- Pick View + Zoom + Scale and then enter 2X at the keyboard when prompted for the scale factor.

Command: ‘_zoom
Specify corner of window, enter a scale factor (nX or nXP), or [All/Center/Dynamic/Extents/Previous/Scale/Window] <real time>: _s Enter a scale factor (nX or nXP): 2X ↵

You manually used a factor of 2X to zoom in again.

  • this scale factor reverses the 0.5X factor that was used in the previous step when you selected the Zoom Out menu option.

AutoCAD supplied the _s keyword to use the Scale option automatically when you picked View + Zoom + Scale

  • but you can also simply enter a scale factor at the first Zoom 
prompt without having to explicitly use the Scale option.

You use the X suffix to scale view magnification relative to the current view magnification

  • you can also use an XP suffix to scale view magnification 
relative to paper space
  • you will learn about paper space when you work with the 
Introduction To Layouts document.

5- Remain in this drawing for the next exercise.

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