Interview with Devin Montes – the young 3D printing genius

aaeaaqaaaaaaaaeqaaaajdzlzjhjymm2lte5zjqtndkzni1hmtbhltyxnzu3mgvhyjcxoqDevin Montes is a young man from California who just received his bachelor’s degree in product design from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. Last spring he decided to create a Youtube channel to share his passion for 3D printing and design. Numerous tutorials of 3D creations can be found on his channel MakeAnything.

“My Youtube channel MakeAnything was created with the aim of inspiring people who are interested in design and 3D printing. With it, anyone can easily reprint my designs on their own machine. Most of the 3D files of my creations can be found on Cults.”


Like many designers we spoke to in previous interviews, Devin was very inspired by nature.

“The majority of my objects were built in response to a need or problem I had, but other than that, nature is my favorite source of inspiration. I love exploring the wild, finding natural structures, models and mechanisms created without human intervention.”



Speaking of modeling, MakeAnything’s creator openly reveals his preference for Solidwork program. As a 3D printer, he prefers a MakerBot with the material PLA, but is also open to other things.

“The main software I use is Solidworks. I love parametric modeling and rarely do anything with other programs. Maybe when I get into more organic modeling someday, I’ll try using Rhino and ZBrush. Fortunately, I have free access to this at the university!”

“I use a MakerBot Replicator 2 and print the majority of my creations with PLA. But I love trying new types of filaments.”



When asked what his favorite creation was, he scratched his head and realized that he had already designed a lot of things.

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“I would say that my favorite project is my latest creation, the ‘Galactops’. These are spinning tops that are made to rotate with the breath. I’ve even printed one out of iron and I’m always super surprised to see how long it spins!”


All Devin Montes creations are available here.

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