How to hide in vectorworks?

How do I unhide an object in Vectorworks?

1. Edit the current workspace: Tools > Workspaces > Edit Current Workspace..

2. Under the Menus tab, expand the ‘All Menus’ branch.

3. Now you’ll want to scroll down this list until you find the ‘Show Objects’ command.

4. You’ll then drag this item across to the right hand side.

How do you find a drawing in Vectorworks?

1. Select Tools > Origin > Locate Internal Origin.

2. The drawing view changes; it switches to Top/Plan view if needed, and centers the internal origin in the view. The zoom factor is adjusted so that currently visible objects remain on the screen relative to the internal origin.

How do I unhide in archicad?

It can be shown or hidden using Window / Palettes / Quick Options, or by clicking the Quick Options button (third from the left at the bottom left of most working windows, next to the drawing scale button).27 août 2008

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How do you show hidden items in rhino?

How do I make all layers visible in Vectorworks?

Press and hold the shortcut key (V by default) for the Visibility tool to temporarily make all classes (in Classes mode) or layers (in Layers mode) visible. If the cursor is over a viewport, all classes or layers in the viewport become visible.

How do I hide an object in archicad?

How do I change the view in Vectorworks?

To change among the different views: Select View > Standard Views, and then select a view. The view changes and a check mark displays in front of the active view in the Current View/Standard Views list.

How do I get 3D view in Vectorworks?

1. Select View > Set 3D View.

2. Click and draw a line to indicate the view direction; the line starting point indicates the viewer position and the line end point indicates the point the viewer is looking towards (look toward point).

3. Specify the 3D view criteria.

4. Click OK.

How do you move the internal origin vectorworks?

If setting the user origin by mouse click, click to set the location of the user origin (Set User Origin to next mouse click) or to set the location of the offset user origin (Next mouse click is). The user origin moves to its new location. Coordinates are adjusted relative to the user origin.

How do I unhide a layer in archicad?

Elements on a hidden layer will be hidden. Note: To show all Layers while working in your project, use the Document > Layers > Show All Layers command or the relevant button of the Arrange Elements toolbar.

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How do I show hidden layers in archicad?

Control + L or Command+ L will open list of Default Layers. You can chose the layers you want to show/hide, lock/unlock or Solid/wireframe. You can make your own customised layers and while giving properties to elements you can choose the layer to which you would like that element to be associated with.

How do I lock a layer in archicad?

When in the Layer Settings dialogue box (Ctrl+L PC, or cmd+L for Mac) you can Lock layers off within a layer combination once items have been placed, i.e Roof Slabs, Floor Slabs, Meshes etc, this is to ensure they aren’t accidentally deleted or moved while working on your project.

How do I hide control points in Rhino?

Surfaces in Rhino are like a stretchy rubber sheet. Their topology is rectangular. They can be modified with control points. You can turn the control points on or off with this button , The left click means on, the right click means off.

How do I unhide an object in rhino?

The ShowSelected command re-displays selected hidden objects. Select the objects you want to show, and press Enter. All hidden objects temporarily display and normally visible objects are hidden.

How do I unhide objects?

To enable an object, right-click the object, and then click Unhide in this Group. To unhide a group, right-click the group, and then click Unhide.

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