How to edit texture in vectorworks?

How do you create a texture in Vectorworks?

1. From the Resource Manager, click New Resource, select Renderworks Texture, and then click Create.

2. Click OK to create a texture with the name and properties specified in the Edit Texture dialog box.

How do you scale a texture in Vectorworks?

To adjust the texture about a corner of the editing frame, click Scale/Rotate by Corner mode; to adjust the texture about the center of the editing frame, click Scale/Rotate by Center mode.

How do I edit a vectorworks object?

To edit an object: Select the object to edit. Select Modify > Edit for the object (for example, Edit Symbol or Edit Extrude). Alternatively, double-click the object, or right-click (Windows) or Ctrl-click (Mac) on the object, and then select Edit from the context menu.

Where is the resource manager in Vectorworks?

See Resource Manager: File Browser Pane. Displays resources from the selected file. Select the view and the resource type to display from the palette tool bar. Several context menu commands are available for working with resources, as described in Resource Manager: Resource Preview Pane.

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How do I open resource browser vectorworks?

To use the Resource Browser: Select Window > Palettes > Resource Browser. The Resource Browser opens.

How do I access a vectorworks library?

Vectorworks Default Libraries To access the libraries from the Resource Browser, select Vectorworks Libraries from the Files list, and then open the Defaults folder. Product-specific default libraries are automatically installed with all Vectorworks products.

How do you add furniture in Vectorworks?

How do you make a chair in Vectorworks?

How do I download a vectorworks library?

1. Insert the DVD or USB drive into your computer.

2. Select Help > Download Content.

3. Click Direct Install > Install a Local Package.

4. Navigate to the . vpkg files on your local media, select the files to install, and click Open.

Where is the library in Vectorworks?

These libraries are in the [Vectorworks]LibrariesDefaults folder. If the same file name is used in multiple libraries, the content from only one file is shown, according to the following precedence: user folder, workgroup folder, Vectorworks folder.

How do you add someone in Vectorworks?

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