How to create hatch in vectorworks?

How do you create a hatch in Vectorworks?

1. From the Resource Manager, click New Resource, select Hatch, and then click Create. Alternatively, from the Resource Manager, select Hatches from the list of resource types on the tool bar, and click New Hatch.

2. Click OK.

How do you trim a hatch in Vectorworks?

1. If necessary, position the trimming object over the object to be trimmed.

2. Select the trimming object.

3. Select Modify > Trim.

4. Click the object to be trimmed.

How do I change the color of a hatch in Vectorworks?

To edit a hatch definition: From the Resource Browser, select the desired hatch. Right-click (Windows) or Ctrl-click (Mac), and select Edit from the context menu. Alternatively, select a drawing object, select Modify > Hatch, and click Edit for the selected hatch in the Hatches dialog box.

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Where is the resource manager in Vectorworks?

See Resource Manager: File Browser Pane. Displays resources from the selected file. Select the view and the resource type to display from the palette tool bar. Several context menu commands are available for working with resources, as described in Resource Manager: Resource Preview Pane.

How do I use Vectorworks split tool?

1. Click the Split tool from the Basic palette.

2. Click the Line Split mode from the Tool bar.

3. Click the All Objects or Currently Selected Objects mode from the Tool bar.

4. Draw a line through the object to split; the object to be split is highlighted.

How do you join objects in Vectorworks?

How do you cut out a shape in Vectorworks?

1. Draw one or more 2D cutout shapes (rectangle, circle, oval, polygon, polyline, or arc) on the roof object.

2. Select the cutout object and the roof object.

3. Select the command.

4. The shapes are cut out of the roof, and the clip objects are selected.

5. Delete the clip objects.

How do you color in Vectorworks?

1. Select Color By Class to use the color attributes set by the object’s class.

2. If Use at Creation is enabled for the object’s class, the object’s color is automatically set by the class.

Where is the Attributes palette in Vectorworks?

Select Window > Palettes > Attributes to open the Attributes palette.

How do you edit a hatch?

1. Use the Hatch Editor ribbon controls.

2. Hover over the hatch control grip to display a dynamic menu that lets you quickly change the pattern origin point, angle, and scale.

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3. Use the Properties palette.

4. Right-click to access the Hatch Edit and other commands.

How do I open resource browser vectorworks?

To use the Resource Browser: Select Window > Palettes > Resource Browser. The Resource Browser opens.

How do you split a 3D object in Vectorworks?

Click the Project tool from the 3D Modeling tool set, and then click Split from the Tool bar. Click on the splitting object, and then click on the solid object.

How do you split a line in Vectorworks?

1. Select Modify > Drafting Aids > Create Dividing Lines.

2. Select the two lines to create lines between.

3. Click to define first the starting point and then the ending point of the dividing lines.

How do you cut a 3D object in Vectorworks?

Click the Project tool from the 3D Modeling tool set, and then click Trim from the Tool bar. Click on the trimming object, and then click on the solid object. The cursor changes into the pointing hand cursor. Click on the side of the intersection to be trimmed away.

How do you make a hole in the wall in Vectorworks?

Select the 2D Polygon tool or Polyline tool from the Basic palette and trace the symbol outline to define the hole shape. Select Model > Extrude to create a 3D wall hole shape. Alternatively, create 3D wall hole geometry directly using 3D modeling tools.

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