Entertainment Design Webinars 2021

When you look back on the past 12 months, what are you thankful for? What are you proud of? At Vectorworks, we’re proud of the learning opportunities we provided to the architecture, site, and entertainment design industries.

Almost all entertainment webinars are hosted by Vectorworks customers, giving you great insights to how your peers design!

Without further ado, let’s take a look back at 2021’s entertainment design webinars.

Creating Efficient, Detailed Scenic Designs

When it comes to televised stage production, no two projects are ever the same, a fact that Grant Van Zevern knows all too well. Watch this case study-style webinar to explore his non-traditional process for scenic design. Learn best practices for flexible design with tips on file organization and the benefits of designing in 3D.

The Benefits of Moving to 3D for Set Design

In this webinar, watch David Farley, associate designer, as he goes through real-world examples of how moving from a 2D workflow to a 3D workflow has helped him overcome these challenges and enhance his set designs.

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Archeo-tainment Strategy: Ancient Spirit of Al Basta

Walter Lutzu and Patrizia De Masi, founders and lighting designers at PHOTONIKA, will show you how their innovative lighting designs helped awaken the ancient spirit of Al Basta, Saudi Arabia. During this webinar, you’ll see pre-visualization tools in action, showcasing their benefits when working toward a historically accurate outcome. You’ll also learn rendering tips for optimizing your 2D and 3D workflows.


Powering Billie Eilish’s World Tour with GDTF/MVR 

So, you’ve heard of MVR and GDTF, but what exactly can they do for your workflow? Watch Tony Caporale, lighting designer at Infinitus Vox, to learn how MVR and GDTF helped him create the award-winning lighting design for Billie Eilish’s Where Do We Go World Tour. Discover how using a combination of MVR and GDTF allowed Caporale to create a more unified workflow while keeping his focus on his design, not the tedious task of adapting new fixtures and devices in the lighting industry.

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Evolving the House of Worship Market

As each generation has changed, so has the experience of Sunday church service. In some churches, services have become more technical involving a stage, lighting designs, and programming for special events. Watch Andy Bentley, Central Production Director at Elevation Church, as he shares his journey as a lighting designer navigating a difficult industry. See Bentley’s tips and tricks on rendering, organization on files and sheet layers, and collaborating with internal teams.


Vision Brings Marc Anthony’s “Una Noche” to Life

Curious about how the production team behind Marc Anthony’s “Una Noche” livestream brought their ideas to life? Watch Andres Albornoz, production manager at Garba Music Corp. and project manager for Marc Anthony, along with Lighting Designer, Andrés Campos, in this case study-style webinar about how their movements from AutoCAD, Sketchup and WYSIWYG to Vectorworks Spotlight and Vision powered this concert. Discover the challenges they faced with live streaming and how they were overcome, project sharing tips and tricks, and how to streamline your workflow to work faster and smarter.


Powering Vectorworks’ 3D Modeling with Parasolid

Watch Peter Kerwin, Parasolid product manager, and Mark Doubleday, stage lighting designer, in this webinar on 3D modeling with Vectorworks software. Kerwin will be discussing the importance of 3D modeling and the technology integrated into the Vectorworks 3D modeling engine. Doubleday will follow by describing some of the 3D modeling processes he used on a production of Macbeath, and how it helped him control reflected light from the glass and steel set.


Visualize Your Models with 3D Printing

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David Farley, theatre and live event set designer, will show how he uses Vectorworks’ 3D models to create 3D prints that help him visualize his projects. He’ll also take you through some of his work, including 1:25 lights and full-scale prop elements.

Studio Flood

Lighting Production for ITV’s New Game Show

Max Conwell, Naked Eye Ltd., will take you behind the scenes of The Void — ITV’s new Saturday night game show. The webinar will demonstrate how Vectorworks Spotlight and ConnectCAD’s clear and concise networking and data layouts were used for the lighting design. When collaborating with the various design departments on the show, multiple file formats were produced. And, in this webinar, Conwell will show how these formats integrated seamlessly into the master Vectorworks file. Today, face-to-face meetings are few and far between, so the clarity of communication in design documentation is vital to a successful production.

November Web 1

A Complete AV Design Workflow

Is your design workflow in need of a lift? Tom White, industry specialist and training consultant at Vectorworks, will discuss common challenges in entertainment design. White will show you his innovative solutions to these problems, walking you through a complete AV design workflow — from modeled elements in Vectorworks to schematics in ConnectCAD.

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With 2022 right around the corner, be sure to stay tuned-in to Vectorworks University for a variety of webinars that’ll help you grow as a designer.

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