The Benefits of SOLIDWORKS Visualize Boost

Wondering what exactly is SOLIDWORKS Visualize Boost? What does it bring me and why should I use it on a daily basis? I know you ask yourself these questions in the shower every morning, so I will finally give you the answer you expect.

Let’s start with setting the scene: a trivial situation that happens too often in design and engineering companies. Say you are working on a project and your manager or someone from marketing comes to you and says, “I need some renderings of the project you just completed asap.” And this even though you still have a lot of work to do on another project that was assigned to you at the start of the week! Or, suppose the design manager needs a complex animation for the end of the day to present to important customers, but your laptop doesn’t meet the hardware requirements: you need it. will take days to render this animation.

That’s when SOLIDWORKS Visualize Boost comes in to save the day. Visualize Boost is our network rendering technology that allows you to send rendering jobs to a dedicated group of computers to instantly increase rendering speed and productivity related to content creation. Like a print queue in an office, Visualize Boost allows any number of Visualize Professional users to send render jobs to one or more other machines rather than to them. perform on their own, freeing up their own machine so that they can continue to run Visualize, CAD or other demanding applications.

Visualize Boost is a separate installation and add-on to Visualize Professional only. It should be installed on a separate computer and can be configured as a single node or as a cluster to allow you to efficiently adjust productivity as demanded. Once installed and ready to perform rendering operations, Visualize Pro will search your network for connected Visualize Boost machines. The number of machines you can connect is unlimited!

In other words, Visualize Boost helps you render in a fraction of the time it normally takes. And as we all know, time is money.

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What ? Visualize Boost is free? Great ! This is a 1: 1 offer. This means that if you have five Visualize Pro licenses with active maintenance contracts, you receive five Visualize Boost licenses free! *

Need to buy more Visualize Boost licenses, but need a little help convincing your boss? Download the SOLIDWORKS Visualize Boost Rationale Document to help you present your arguments. Visualize Boost not only allows you to speed up renderings, but also to render for a lot more content in the same time frame. In short, Visualize Boost makes you look like a hero in the eyes of your superiors.

Here is an illustration taken from a real-life example of the benefits of Visualize Boost. Watch the exploded view animation below, courtesy of the Myomo staff:

On my laptop it would have taken about four hours to get this rendered. BUT using Visualize Boost and the powerful NVIDIA graphics cards, take a look at the incredible rendering speed!

To get an idea of ​​how well your projects render with Visualize Boost, take a look at the two graphs below. In conclusion, if you direct all your budget towards the purchase of NVIDIA graphics processors, your rendering tasks will be done much faster! Just imagine the rendering speed for a configuration of 10 NVIDIA graphics cards distributed over several Visualize Boost machines! Wow.

1x NVIDIA M4000 = 60 minutes
2x NVIDIA M4000 = 40 minutes
4x NVIDIA M4000 = 20 minutes
2X NVIDIA M6000 = 15 minutes
1x NVIDIA VCA = less than 5 minutes!

Here are some of the benefits of using Visualize Boost in your business:

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  • Instantly improve your productivity in design activities, as multiple render jobs can be queued in a row and sent to Visualize Boost machines, freeing up your local machine and allowing you to work on other tasks.
  • Faster iterations resulting in reduced design cycle times and substantial cost savings. Faster production of content, which means accelerated design processes and therefore shorter iterative cycles.
  • Distance your competition and get your products to market faster to generate more profit.
  • Generate more renderings faster than ever!
  • Don’t settle for still images, create product animations, camera hovers and interactive web content… all in the same time frame!
  • Thanks to its hardware independence, you can even install Visualize Boost on existing render farms with CPU or GPU processors! Granted, GPUs are much faster than CPUs, but Visualize Boost doesn’t care what kind of hardware is used, it just runs.
  • Considerable increase in return on investment for each product cycle.
  • To get an idea of ​​how well your projects render with Visualize Boost, take a look at the two graphs below. And imagine the rendering speed for a configuration of 10 graphics cards distributed over several Visualize Boost machines! Wow.

    This compares the most recent NVIDIA Pascal series cards:

    And this one compares earlier NVIDIA cards from the Maxwell series:

    Go ahead and start using Visualize Boost today! For more information and step-by-step instructions for setting up your Visualize Boost cluster, see the Visualize online help here.

    Be sure to follow @bhillner, the SOLIDWORKS Visualize Product Manager, on Twitter for news and updates. You can also share your SOLIDWORKS Visualize designs on social media using #swvisualize and #gettinvizzy!

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    Additional resources to get started with SOLIDWORKS Visualize:

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    * The expiration of the maintenance of Visualize Professional will result in the termination of the Visualize Boost free license.

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