SOLIDWORKS Make allows customers to customize products

Nowadays, consumers increasingly demand personalized products, tailored to meet their specific needs. This customization adds a level of complexity to the design process. However, new innovative tools have been introduced that make mass personalization easier for customers, both online and in stores. This year’s SOLIDWORKS World 2016 attendees got a glimpse of such technology. ClearVision Optical, headquartered in Hauppauge, New York, is an innovative leader in eyewear. ClearVision’s mission is to create an exceptional experience for opticians by providing high quality products and premium service.

David Friedfeld, CEO of ClearVision Optical, and Igal Kaptsan, VP of Product Management for SOLIDWORKS Make, presented an innovative solution to personalize eyewear on stage at the SOLIDWORKS World 2016 Innovation Session SOLIDWORKS Make Provides Distributors , brands and manufacturers a cloud-based personalization platform that allows their customers to personalize their products before they buy them.

During this session, a solution developed for the eyewear market was presented. This allows customers to customize their spectacle frames directly from the ClearVision online store where SOLIDWORKS Make tools have been integrated. Personalization works on WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) mode. The glasses thus obtained can be ordered and will be delivered directly to customers.

Let’s take a look at another example of use, Dilli Dalli, a range of ClearVision glasses for children. In Dilli Dalli’s case, the optometrist customizes the frame of the glasses to exactly match the child’s head and field of vision. The detailed model of the corresponding frame is sent in 3D printing and the glasses are delivered to the customer or to the optometrist’s office.

Custom-made glasses are very expensive and often made by hand. An extremely competent person can spend up to 40 hours there. SOLIDWORKS Make eases the transition from mass produced eyewear to bespoke eyewear through scalable processes that don’t compromise on style, comfort or function while keeping prices reasonable and on-time. short. It is also possible to add other personalization elements to the glasses such as decorations and text by embossing and embossing. Customers can also put their phone number on the glasses so that they can be retrieved more easily if they lose them.

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An emerging trend is emerging among millennials and other generations: owning products with which they feel an affinity. These people want the ability to personalize the products and somehow make the brand their own. Personalization through different configurations has already proven its benefits in many markets and for many brands.

In his book “Retail Revolution: Will Your Brick-and-Mortar Store Survive,” Rajiv Lal, professor of distribution at Harvard Business School, insists that customers are no longer looking to buy mass-produced items. Instead, they want to spend their money on products that stimulate their imaginations. By personalizing their products, they give free rein to their imagination and can create that emotional connection they seek with the product while living an original experience.

SOLIDWORKS Make is a platform that facilitates customer customization of products at the assembly, dependency, and 3D shape level. This platform is also used in jewelry and other verticals. It is independent of the manufacturing process. In addition to 3D printing, SOLIDWORKS Make supports laser cutting, laser engraving, CNC, assembly, polishing, and crimping parameters.

How is it possible ?

The brand, owner of the design content, and the distributor have cloud access to SOLIDWORKS Make Design Editor which is used to define the limits of the customizations that can be created by a customer on a product or a range of products, so that:

  • The value of the brand is preserved or increased,
  • Personalized pieces are aesthetically pleasing,
  • The customized product is ready for manufacturing,
  • The manufacturing data packet is then sent to the manufacturer selected by the distributor or the product is directly manufactured by the distributor.
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    To learn more about SOLIDWORKS Make, visit here.

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