SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation vs. Dragon Flames

Understanding how the flow of liquids or gases affects the performance of your design is of ultimate importance. It can be the difference between creating a great product and creating a potential fire hazard. The best way to stop a fire before it starts is by understanding fluid dynamics (CFD).

When you need to understand how liquids and gases will flow through your design, you don’t need to export information from SOLIDWORKS or get expert assistance. Your 3D CAD data that you created in SOLIDWORKS is the basis and starting point for CFD analysis.

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation uses CFD to enable engineers and designers to quickly and efficiently simulate fluid flow and heat transfer – all directly in SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD.

And that brings us to the question of dragons. Yes, dragons.

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation can educate you about HVAC and Electronic Cooling, but it can also help Warrior Engineer Johnny SNOW save his soldiers from dragon flames – as you’ll see in the trailer below. .

Watch the full video to see how Johnny SNOW develops a dragon flame shield with SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation, and find out how you can use CFD to make technical decisions using the concurrent engineering approach.

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