SOLIDWORKS bridges the gap in consumer product design

Developers of consumer products often face challenges when making the transition from concept to detailed design and then from concept to manufacturing due to the variety of tools used. SOLIDWORKS solutions bridge the gap between industrial design and engineering by providing powerful conceptual sketching tools, robust and easy-to-use surfacing features, the ability to easily go from concept to detailed design and the best mechanical engineering environment of the sector, all within a single software solution.

Download this white paper to experience the comprehensive social and modeling environment that SOLIDWORKS software offers to take designs from the concept stage to the manufacturing stage.

With this white paper, you will learn the following:

  • In order to create the best possible product, it’s important to be able to quickly develop multiple concepts and get feedback from those involved in your design process just as quickly. SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer adds new and unique conceptualization capabilities to the SOLIDWORKS portfolio, specifically for industrial designers.
  • The detailed design process can be initiated by a concept model directly from SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer in SOLIDWORKS Premium or from a concept sketch, image, or set of requirements. SOLIDWORKS has simplified detailed design with easy-to-use tools that guide and assist the user when needed.
  • SOLIDWORKS solutions provide all the tools needed to precisely define a part, with the same user interface and geometric file format as for conceptualization. For the purposes of manufacturing and ongoing part maintenance, you can drive design changes by simply entering values ​​into a table.
  • You will save time and avoid errors during the purchasing process by using the SOLIDWORKS 3D assembly model to quickly create a definition based on a 3D model (MBD) or 2D drawings. SOLIDWORKS can also help you avoid costly mistakes, ensuring that changes made at any point in the process are automatically reflected in product documentation, including parts, assemblies, and drawings.
  • At all stages of the design process, it is essential that you are able to create sales-ready images of your products to more easily describe that design to your people and to win contracts. Throughout the consumer product design workflow, SOLIDWORKS provides rendering solutions that allow you to ensure product visualization at all times.
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    To learn more about how your team can increase their creative productivity, from design to manufacturing, read the white paper ” How SOLIDWORKS Accelerates Consumer Product Design ”(Registration may be required).

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