Olympic javelin thrower targets gold with SOLIDWORKS

Every four years, athletes from all over the world come together to surpass themselves and try to become the best in the world in their category. The stakes are high, and seconds and inches make the difference between glory and defeat. When savvy athletes recognize that they need the extra help, they turn to the experts. Today we’ll take a look at the example of Liz Gleadle, Canada’s top javelin thrower and Olympic athlete, and reseller SOLIDWORKS. Javelin Technologies.

Liz Gleadle is currently ranked the sixth best javelin thrower in the world and has the skills to step onto the podium in August. In 2015, she won the gold medal at the Pan American Games in Toronto and is the reigning two-time Golden Grand Prix champion.

Liz in Javelin’s 3D printing room.

Since starting her partnership with Javelin Technologies in late 2015, Liz Gleadle has worked with the company to develop 3D printed products. The goal? To be the best. First, they collaborated using eDrawings to develop a personalized and secure javelin storage device for on the go. As you can imagine, traveling with javelins attracts attention at the airport. You can read the javelin holder design process here.

Then the team created a device to help Liz with her training: a 3D printed physiotherapy device for fascia manipulation (I believe that just including physiotherapy, manipulation and fascia in one sentence would be worth a medal. !) Javelin’s additive engineering team made Liz’s wish come true: a hand-shaped tool that would help her work on tight muscles in her back and shoulders. She named this device Fascial Vector Release Device (FVRD). Now, she can take the FVRD everywhere with her and relieve tension and pain, even in the absence of her physiotherapist. You can read the FVRD design process here.

Liz Gleadle has a busy schedule leading up to the 2016 Olympics in Brazil, including a trip to Paris and the Canadian National Championships in Edmonton. His new device will be very useful to him in the coming weeks and months.

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You can follow Liz’s adventure with Javelin here. Follow Liz on Twitter and Instagram @Javelizz and show your support, especially during the 2016 games. O Canada!

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