New Advanced Conversion Options for DXF / DWG Conversion Task (Unfolded Reports)

Effectiveness: PDM Pro 2019 and newer & SOLIDWORKS 2018 or newer

New in the conversion tasks of SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional, it is now possible to obtain the unfolded sheet metal reports in DXF / DWG format files. The task can be configured to run on demand or through the workflow.

If these options do not meet your needs, take note that DécoupeXperts, a tool developed by SolidXperts, can now be defined like any other conversion task in PDM. See also How to configure a PDM task for CutoutXperts. For any additional information, contact the technical support of SolidXperts.

Here’s how to access these new options:

1- Check the version of the SWTaskAddIn add-in.

2- To benefit from the new functions, update the task additions to version 2019 if necessary, and import the new basic task ˃ Convert.cex (if you already have a task with the same name, rename the old one to on board)

3- Define a new conversion task (Make a copy and rename the Convert task ˃ ex: Convert DWG)

Choose the format “DWG file or DXF file”

4- Advanced conversion options are now available for export.

Advanced conversion options

The options available are:

In the case of multiple bodies, choose:

The task can be configured like any other conversion task, to run on demand or automatically in a workflow transition.

SOLIDWORKS offered many new features from 2015 to 2019. If you want to know more, download our White Paper.

By Elene Teolis – PDM Application Specialist at SolidXperts

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