Get the most from your investment with SOLIDWORKS Maintenance Services

At a time when streaming becomes popular, the services offered are more and more numerous. So it’s hard to know what each of them actually understands. Like Netflix or Amazon Prime, the benefits offered by SOLIDWORKS maintenance services are so numerous that many are unaware of their existence.

We would like to introduce you to all the benefits you can enjoy with SOLIDWORKS Maintenance Services, so you know exactly what we are offering you. SOLIDWORKS Maintenance Services add value to your projects and save you time to take them further.

The benefits of SOLIDWORKS Maintenance Services are as follows:

  • New software versions – Keep your environment up to date and keep pace with your customers
  • Local technical support – Full access to live technical support from your VAR, with experts from all facets of SOLIDWORKS at your service.
  • Software updates ( – Get the latest service packs, from community enhancements to software fixes.
  • SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard* – Create photo quality images and other types of 3D content.
  • SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard** – Quickly and easily create 2.5-axis toolpaths on part files.
  • Certification – Customers who have subscribed to maintenance services can take up to two basic exams and two advanced exams per year free of charge for each active SOLIDWORKS license.
  • Customer portal – Download software, suggest improvements, and more.
  • MySolidWorks – Your reference for everything related to SOLIDWORKS. Go here to MySolidworks Training, search our database comprehensive technique, join the community on discussion forums, And much more.
  • For a detailed list of all the benefits of Maintenance Services, Click here.

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    * Available for download for any SOLIDWORKS Professional or Premium license with an active maintenance contract

    ** Available for download for any SOLIDWORKS Standard, Professional or Premium license with an active maintenance contract

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