Feature Spotlight: Animation PropertyManager Improvements in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2014

You may not have noticed it because nothing has changed visually in the Animation PropertyManager of SOLIDWORKS Simulation, but it benefits from many improvements in the 2014 release. The result is a more meaningful, understandable, and convenient animation of your results plots. The improvements are listed below:
• Playback speed may be much slower than before to give you more time to view each image.
• The previous limit of 100 steps for animation has been increased to 1000. Note that the memory available on your system may not be enough to animate that many steps for very large models.
• For nonlinear, dynamic and thermal transient studies, the default step increment is now 1, which allows you to easily animate all time steps.
• The location and orientation of the Bolt connector symbols are updated with the distorted geometry (see below).

A big thank you to the developers 🙂


Senior Technical Customer Support Engineer


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