Electrical Component Library for SolidWorks Electrical

SolidWorks Electrical is a product for designing electrical schematics. Then, its big advantage is to be able to insert in SolidWorks the electrical components in the 3D assembly. Since the diagram is already designed, SolidWorks is able to indicate the necessary components and it will add the wires on the components according to the established diagram.

On the other hand, to design electrical diagrams quickly, it is important to have a library of our usual suppliers. It is possible to build this library but who wants to spend time on it? This is why SolidWorks Electrical makes libraries of electrical parts available to its customers. This library is available directly from SolidWorks Electrical.

Click here to access sites containing libraries for SolidWorks Electrical

Among the choice of sites that offer libraries, we pay particular attention to the new SolidWorks Electrical portal. This portal is free and all you need to do is register to access it. On this site you will find the majority of the suppliers of the products you use in your electrical diagrams. You can download the complete library from each provider.

There is also another site “TracePartsOnline” which will allow you to search according to the types of components and thus choose only the desired component. Once you have made your choice, you can select the type of format you want for this component, that is, the SolidWorks Electrical format. You will therefore have in your possession the component diagram as well as its 3D model.

Click here to access the SolidWorks Electrical component site of TraceParts

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Finally, you can also watch the Technical Minute which shows, using a video, how to access a library of electrical components for SolidWorks.

Click here to watch SolidXperts Technical Minute on Library Components

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