Designing for the “Internet of Things” – Are You Ready?

Emerging devices are making the web more and more useful and interesting, while making it more complicated. From live traffic cameras and activity trackers (health) to smartwatches, the family of internet-based devices is increasingly diverse and incorporates gadgets that go far beyond computers and servers. for which the Internet was originally designed.
Fine-tuning the design and integration of these devices will prove to be one of the main technical challenges for the next 10 to 15 years. Nonetheless, if we do it right and do not lose sight of our goals, the Internet will remain the greatest development of our era, making this the most dynamic period in human history.
It is estimated that by the year 2020, between 50 and 100 billion devices will be connected to the “Internet of Things” – a term used to collectively describe all non-computer devices actively linked to the Internet.

In order to maximize this potential, we need to take matters into our own hands to facilitate the implementation of these devices in the digital infrastructure. For a designer, the best way to make sure you’re on board is to constantly remind yourself of who you’re designing for: the person, the company, or the System (government agencies). In addition, there are three essential rules to remember:
• All Internet users aim to save or earn money by improving their access to information. Strive to create devices that allow this while saving the user time in a practical way.
• Identify the specific needs of the person, business, and system, individually, and anticipate their changing needs in the future. Ask yourself: where do the needs of these groups intersect now, and where will they diverge or intersect in the future?
• Develop ways to isolate the specific interests of the target group for whom you are designing. Prioritize the interests of this group over the interests of other lobbying groups.

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In future articles, we’ll discuss the different approaches design teams should consider when developing connected devices for the person, business, and system.
To learn more about designing for the Internet of Things, visit our website to download our new feature article: Designing for the Internet of Things, as well as our new infographic on the Internet of Things – Past, Present. and Future.


By Matthew West

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