Start Me Up, The meeting place for start-ups!

Innovate brings together and amplifies energies within incubators, start-ups but also publishers and integrators of solutions in the cloud.

Innovate is the challenge that unites all the intelligences of our ecosystem.

Innovate is the watchword at the heart of all the projects carried out by the #SOLIDWORKS and Dassault Systèmes teams.

To address the challenges of 2021, we are offering an interactive event on Tuesday, December 3, which will be attended by various experts.

Together, they will present their programs accompanying start-ups, will share their returns experience and explore the major stages of innovation. It will of course also be a question of agility and ease in trades between the various protagonists such as designers, engineers, development managers, but also manufacturers and other third parties involved.

We strongly believe in the virtues of a fashion collaborative to innovate. We also believe that meeting our ecosystem is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and motivation to surpass ourselves.

I will have the immense pleasure of moderating and presenting the debates organized during a round table, then demonstrations on the solutions, while being surrounded by:

🚀 The incubators represented by: François Baffou from Bordeaux Technowest, Daphne Thomas from Pulsalys and Frédéric Capmas from IncubAlliance

💡 The start-ups present with Bertrand Laine from 3DItex and Hugo Dorez from Hawkcell

Visiativ Solutions, partner for the integration of solutions with Guillaume Anelli

🔑 Dassault Systèmes for technological solutions with Stève Lejeune.

A team at your disposal who will explain how to launch your next innovations by relying on the ecosystem and the solutions. We will give you all the keys to success and detail the aids provided to facilitate access to our solutions via the 3dEXPERIENCE.

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Join me on Tuesday December 3 at 10 a.m. to boost innovation! # StartMeUp3DS

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