Innovation Day, a day of collective inspiration

When Mike Horn, one of the world’s most famous explorers and Bernard Charlès, CEO of Dassault Systèmes, meet last December to discuss the next challenges facing humanity, the conversation is focused on the essential resource: the water. That day, Bernard Charlès clarified that the challenge was not only to measure and then reduce our daily impact in terms of water consumption. It is also a question of being concerned with what he designates by hand print and which refers to what we can create from human hand to improve, to change the world we live in.

Innovation is in our hands. But this innovation, like act 2 of the program The only progress is human, Water for Life, is offered in an open vision. The 3DEXPERIENCE Lab uses a collaborative platform and will bring together all the initiatives of researchers and engineers from around the world, from all cultures, with a single goal: to innovate to preserve our water resources. The platform is an extraordinary lever to connect innovators, start-ups, project leaders in order to transform the processes of all industries and make them more economical in water consumption.. The sharing of knowledge, the education of future generations is another axis of the program, especially as future technologies will be developed by those who are still on the school benches.

In an interview published on the Dassault Systèmes Compass blog, Norman Fortenberry, Executive Director of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE), indicates that his mission is to offer learning experiences (to future engineers) that mirror this that industries do in real life. If everyone agrees that teaching in universities must evolve and take into account the expectations of the Alpha generation, it is above all the ability to work in project mode on real situations and with teams of engineers that develops.

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These young people were born digitally, are used to having easy access to all the information necessary for their reflection, and promote exchanges between themselves and with the outside to progress in knowledge. However, their main motivation is to put their energy at the service of the common good, of missions for the planet or humanity, by deploying the most advanced technologies.

“A company needs to explain to students how its work relates to the students’ societal concerns and how incoming employees contribute to making the world a better place, which is what a lot of students are really concerned about,” says Norman Fortenberry.

And it is precisely the principle of Open Innovation to mix knowledge, cultures, scientific approaches to complex problems that manufacturers and people must solve. This is what Frédéric Charver, Head of Innovation, and director of the 3dEXPERIENCE Lab for Dassault Systèmes, when it indicates that individualities, the most diverse talents, come together in a collective effort to create a real collaborationot. Creator of the Covid-19 open community, Frédéric Chaver was able to measure the effectiveness of this model of collaborative innovation.

Thus, design, simulation, 3D modeling have enabled makers and start-ups to verify the relevance of their hypotheses or their new concepts, under conditions identical to the real world. The open community thus allows the different actors to take risks, to discover new working methods and to act quickly. “When the only rule to be observed is for everyone to increase the value of knowledge and expertise for the common good, then anything is possible! », He concludes.

When Mike Horn declares his confidence in Bernard Charles to carry out the Water for Life mission, it is undoubtedly because he knows the power of reflection and Collective action. None of his exploits would have been possible without a huge collective effort first. Because not all industrial societies have unlimited resources to face the challenges of the next 30 years.

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Because innovation is not always in Open Source mode. And the patent race has been highlighted once again, with the covid-19 pandemic. The new administration named by Joe Biden, is currently considering how to force the various laboratories to make their work public in order to accelerate the distribution of the vaccine in the world and in particular in countries which will not be able to develop their own vaccine solution. The industrial world is usually protected by patents, but the demand for fairness and the desire for more human progress are fundamentally changing the behavior of all players. The urgency of saving the planet from a disaster such as global warming or an uncontrollable pandemic, encourages the sharing of information and the most extraordinary scientific and technological discoveries.

And if innovation is still measured by the number of patents filed in specific areas, such as low carbon energy for example, remember thatinnovation is everywhere in the company. Digital allows this acceleration of innovation but also the evolution of our practices. The use of teleworking, the exchange of files and collective working documents is made instantaneous, fluid and secure by digital technologies. This is how digital platforms like 3DEXPERIENCE Works are designed. They allow the creation of efficient and agile ecosystems. Moreover, it is this digital agility that has contributed and will continue to contribute in the future to maintaining the activity of industries.

By organizing theInnovation Day, on June 22, we invite you to participate in this new breath. Carrying out collaborative innovation is an exciting challenge that unites us all for a more human vision of progress. More than 100 sessions offered by more than 20 partners to share feedback in all areas, from design to manufacturing, from digital twin to market analysis, including the market place.

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Distinguished speakers will be present. Gian Paolo Bassi, CEO of SOLIDWORKS, Philippe Besse, Director of Dassault Systèmes Eurowest, Florence Verzelen, Executive VP Industry, Field Marketing and Sustainability.

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