Benefits of connecting to the cloud

Due to the very nature of the process of designing and engineering a product, decision making and analysis of feedback should be done as quickly as possible or the project will slow down, resulting in increased costs. and delay the product launch. A product development process normally generates many innovative ideas that it is essential to select quickly on the basis of feedback from all internal and external stakeholders.

Accelerating product development is an issue faced by all companies, especially when it comes to the time required to involve the right people in a decision or to gather feedback from various sources. Geographically dispersed teams are not the only ones concerned. In most of the companies that I have visited, the teams are most often scattered (sales staff on the move, employees working from home or at a remote site, etc.) and have difficulty obtaining feedback from their customers. Getting all of these people together in one room to discuss a new idea is a real titanic job, which is why these discussions usually take place via email. This is the source of many delays that have a negative impact on productivity and time to market. There is bound to be a more efficient method.

SOLIDWORKS 3DEXPERIENCE solutions provide cloud-based collaboration tools that support the various workflows of the development process. With SOLIDWORKS 3DEXPERIENCE solutions, you can connect everyone on your team, wherever they are, simplify design exploration, accelerate decision-making, and make it easier to create innovative concepts by removing all of them. obstacles that hinder collaborative design.

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Connect designer to data

Every designer must be connected to their data. In most cases, design files are kept on a local machine or central server so that multiple users can access them simultaneously. If you are away from the office or logged off from the server, it becomes difficult to access design data and almost impossible to access concepts under development. This results in wasted time, design errors, and in some cases, missed opportunities and sales.

SOLIDWORKS 3DEXPERIENCE cloud products store all data in the cloud. The cloud becomes a centralized storage and access area for design data where all users invited to collaborate on the project can directly access current design data. Automated backup and locking provides seamless management to maximize data protection and allow you to access it from any location at any time.

Connect designers to each other

When several designers are working on the same concept or on related components, it is essential to keep them informed of the actions of other users. SOLIDWORKS products

3DEXPERIENCE offers tools and workflows to educate designers on the actions of other users and ensure they are all working on the latest concepts.

Data storage in the cloud – With data logging in the cloud, all users with permission to access files always see the latest concepts. Basically, the ability to access data from any device is a huge time saver and gives you the guarantee that you can access your concept at any time.

Instant messaging in 3D – Connect designers directly with one another using instant messaging, model snapshots, onscreen annotations, and co-review. 3D instant messaging allows users to discuss a concept, visually share models, or comment on concepts using annotations.

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Session update – If multiple users have opened the same model or are working on assemblies that share components, automatic locking and update color codes prevent accidental replacement and keep users informed of changes in real time.

Social collaboration – When multiple geographically dispersed teams work together on a single project, social collaboration tools allow all users to post, rate, and comment on the ideas, concepts, and conversations generated by the design process. Users can access important data anytime, anywhere, dramatically reducing the wait time for comments.

Connect designer to extended team or client

Thanks to the unlimited number of communities, you have the appropriate means to interact with leaders, customers, suppliers and all stakeholders from the start of the product development process. This allows you to validate your design more quickly. A designer can invite a client to join a community to share ideas and concepts. The customer can then access this community from any device and communicate directly with the designer, which improves the customer relationship and optimizes the product development process. This relationship can then prove useful in winning deals and helping your customers design better products.

See how clients like Karl Schmidt & Associates are using SOLIDWORKS cloud solutions to optimize their design times by watching this recorded webinar: Discover the advantages of CAD in the cloud.

Are you convinced, but you still hesitate to take the plunge? Read this White Book research firm IDC to better understand all the benefits of cloud-based software.

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