Become a certified eco-responsible designer

Every year, the month of April is synonymous with change. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, it marks the end of winter. Conversely, if you live below the equator, it represents the end of summer. Globally, April 22 is also Earth Day, which honors our planet and the concept of world peace.

Year after year, more and more companies are looking to create eco-responsible products. To help these companies in their approach, the solution SOLIDWORKS Sustainability offers designers all the necessary tools to measure the environmental impact of their products. With SOLIDWORKS Sustainability, designers can assess the impact of their products in the following areas:

  • Air acidification
  • Carbon footprint
  • Total energy consumed
  • Eutrophication of water
  • These tools are integrated upstream in the development process in order to guarantee results that respect the environment.

    Thanks to the SOLIDWORKS Certified Partner in Eco-Responsible Design exam, the SOLIDWORKS certification program allows designers to demonstrate their theoretical and practical knowledge in the use and design of eco-responsible products.

    In order to honor World Earth Day, the cost of the Sustainability exam is € 17.50. For more information, consult the CSWA-SD page. There you will find out how to buy the exam and how to best prepare for it.

    To learn more about SOLIDWORKS Sustainability, see the product page.


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