5 Free SOLIDWORKS Tools to Boost Your Productivity

For engineers and designers, software generally comes at a cost, either in terms of the actual purchase cost or in terms of the investment of time you must allocate in order to successfully deploy it and integrate it into your development processes. product development. Did you know, however, that there are some very useful SOLIDWORKS tools that cost you absolutely nothing beyond creating an account?

There is even more good news. Aside from not blowing your budget, these tools are also easy to learn and use, while providing you with some pretty significant productivity gains. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of these SOLIDWORKS tools available today that can help you be more productive, it’s free.

  • User forums. No more bothering your colleagues when you have a question about SOLIDWORKS. User forums are an incomparable source of information.
  • MySolidWorks. MySolidWorks is the go-to place for millions of SOLIDWORKS users around the world. It is a community of users without equal, where it is possible to access information, prepare for certifications, access tutorials, and much more.
  • eDrawings. With this free tool, users can send their 2D and 3D design data designed in most CAD systems in a lightweight file, by email, and collaborate with anyone on PC or Mac.
  • DraftSight. You can download this free professional 2D CAD software that will provide you with the tools you need to create, edit, and view native DWG files. Draftsight works on Windows, Mac and Linux. You can download this free tool here. If you are already a 2D CAD user and would like to try SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD, you can test for free by submitting a request here.
  • 3D ContentCentral. This free resource is where an active community of 1.5 million CAD engineers and designers can find, configure and download CAD models of vendor-certified and user-contributed components in over 30 CAD formats, in 2D and In 3D. Register now and see how much time you can save with it.
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