How to set units in microstation v8i?

How do you set working units in MicroStation V8i?

How do I change the working units? Working units are changed using the design file settings dialog box. This dialog can be accessed from the main menu under Settings > Design File. In this dialog box, choose the “Working units” entry from the list on the far left.6 sept. 2013

How do I change units in MicroStation?

Go to Settings > Design File > Working Units > change the unit from meters to feet or vice versa. The units will convert to the equivalent unit.

Where is settings in MicroStation?

Default configuration settings can be changed by selecting Workspace> Preferences > Mouse Wheel. MicroStation V8i (SELECTseries 2) > MicroStation V8i (SELECTseries 2).

How do I change units in Aecosim?

Steps to Accomplish Click on ‘File’ menu on top left of screen. Then click on ‘Settings’, select ‘File’ settings tab and click on ‘Design file Settings’ option. A pop-up window will open. On left hand side, under category tab of that pop-up window, please select ‘Working Units’.21 juil. 2017

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How do I reset my MicroStation settings?

The default is the suggested MicroStation behavior, reset. If you select this option, a right click is a reset. You can reset and continue to press the right mouse button to open a menu called the Reset pop-up menu. You also have the option to switch to default Windows behavior.

How do I save my settings in MicroStation?

1. Go to File>Save Settings pulldown menu.

2. Go to Workspace>Preferences (For CONNECT Edition, go to Settings>User)

3. Go to the Operation Category.

4. Check on option “Save Settings on Exit”

How do I get my toolbox back in MicroStation?

How do I change units in staad connect?

How do I change units in staad pro?

1. Go to the opening page of STAAD.Pro.

2. In the “File” menu, click on the “Configure” option.

3. On clicking on the “Configure” option, the following is displayed (refer Figure 2).

4. Click on the “drop-down” switch.

5. Your Base Unit Settings are changed now.

How do I reset user preferences in MicroStation?

1. Open MicroStation with any file and open the Key-in panel (Utilities->key-in)

2. Type the following string in MicroStation’s key-in panel and press enter:

3. Close MicroStation but keep the windows explorer window open.

How do I create a workspace in MicroStation?

1. Enter a unique name for the workspace profile.

2. (Optional) Enter a description for the workspace profile.

3. (Optional) Turn on Allow Users to Override Default Workspace Settings if you want to let users to change these settings each time they open documents in MicroStation.

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How do I turn off autosave in MicroStation?

1. To disable the autosave option:

2. Open any file in MicroStation.

3. Go to Workspace>Configuration.

4. Select Category File Saving.

5. Select DWG/DXF >File Auto-Save.

6. Click the Edit button.

7. Enter “0”

8. Click OK and click Yes to save the changes (stored in the active .ucf file)

What is PopSet in MicroStation?

Introduced as a SELECT add-on application for MicroStation /J, PopSet manages the display of the Tool Settings dialog resulting in additional screen real estate and reduced mouse movement.14 mai 2008

How do I show tools in MicroStation?

To show/hide tools, right click on any toolbar and toggle the tools on/off as desired. The changes are stored in your MicroStation Workspace.

How do I pin a task bar in MicroStation?

Many of the MicroStation v8i dockable dialogs use the new ‘Pin & Roll’ functionality. This is especially useful with the Tasks Pane for getting a larger application workspace. 1. To pin a dialog, click the ‘thumb tack’ icon in the upper right of the dialog.

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