How to set raster image in microstation?

What is a raster file in MicroStation?

Raster Manager is the name of the module which allows you to open or attach raster files in MicroStation. It is best known for its non-destructive editing capabilities, meaning that most of its functions will only modify the DGN’s raster attachment while leaving the original raster data intact.11 août 2010

How do I print a raster image in MicroStation?

In the Print dialog box, click the Print icon or choose Print from the Print dialog box’s File menu. If you are outputting to the Windows printer or are using Raster Image Processor (RIP) drivers, and you select Print, the image file is processed and then printed.23 sept. 2013

Where is the raster manager in MicroStation?

The Raster Manager is used to display images as a reference to a DGN file. To access Raster Manager select File > Raster Manager or the Raster Manager icon from MicroStation’s Primary Tool Bar. 12345DesignDrawings12345DES_PnP10. dgn as the master design file.)

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How do you georeference in MicroStation?

From the MicroStation pull-down menu select Workspace > Preferences. The Preferences dialog will appear. 2. Under the Category list on the left pane, select Raster Manager then select the Georeference tab on the right pane.

How do I import a PDF into MicroStation?

Highlight the pdf file you want to reference to the microstation sheet and use “ Attach Raster Interactive” from the Falcon DMS menu and snap to the bottom left corner of the light blue shape and then to the top right corner.

How do I use the raster manager in MicroStation?

In the MicroStation (. dgn) Image file, open the Raster Manager and File>Attach>Raster…, browse to your image file (the one that you just saved), and select it and click Open (You could check the box to “Place Interactively” here). The Raster Attachment Options dialog box will appear.

How do I turn off raster image in MicroStation?

1: For instant reference raster display on/off. Go to the reference dialog and double click on the reference file containing the attached image. Turn off the toggle “Display raster references” in the Attachment Settings dialog.7 août 2014

How do I crop references in MicroStation?

How do you warp an image in Microstation?

1. Select the Raster Warp tool (Drawing > Attach > Raster > More split button).

2. Select the raster file to warp, with a data point, or by selecting a file in the Raster Manager dialog.

3. Enter a point to define a point in the raster image to transform.

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How do I import a JPEG into Microstation?

In the Raster Manager window, click File -> Attach -> Raster. Select the JPG file of interest and click Open. The Raster Attachment Options window should appear. Under Geometry, change Geo Priority to Sister File and click Attach.

How do I change the coordinate system in Microstation?

1. In the file, open the Geographic Coordinate System tool (from menu Tools > Geographic > Select Geographic Coordianate System)

2. Note the existing Geographic Coordinate System name given.

3. Click on the From Library icon.

4. In the Library tab, search for the new GCS that you wish to change to.

How do I convert a PDF to a DGN?

1. Upload PDF-file. Click “Choose File” button to select a pdf file on your computer. PDF file size can be up to 100 Mb.

2. Convert PDF to DGN. Click “Convert” button to start conversion.

3. Download your DGN. When the conversion process is complete, you can download the DGN file.

How do you scale in MicroStation?

How do you use the 3 point scale in MicroStation?

1. Select the Scale Raster tool ( Drawing > Attach > Raster ).

2. Choose 3 Points Scale from the Method option menu.

3. Enter a data point at the same location, whatever the scale.

4. Enter a second data point on the image.

Can you import a KMZ into MicroStation?

Use Sketchup Make to import the Google Earth KMZ file. … Create a new DGN file in MicroStation > File > Import > .11 mar. 2015

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