How to select similar in microstation?

How do you select similar items in MicroStation?

The way it works is the user selects an element and then selects the option:select similar. This builds a selection set of all elements that share the same attributes: Level, cell name, etc.

How do you quick select in MicroStation?

If you hold down the ctrl key, you can select as many elements as you’d like and if you still use the ctrl key, you can even select a selected element to deselect it. That’s a quick and easy way to select and deselect elements without having to mess with any of those icons in the Tool Settings dialogue.

How do I select by attribute in MicroStation?

How do I select all text in MicroStation?

3) Hold the key, and click on the elements to select. From the Reset pop-up menu, choose Select All. Or Choose Edit > Select All (or press ). Or In the status bar, click the element selection indicator field, and choose Select All from the pop- up menu.

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How do you select multiple lines in MicroStation?

We have many way to select objects in MicroStation, to make our life easier. The basic way to do this is by holding [ctrl] and pick every single element we want. This will add the elements to our selection set. Or, we can click and drag our pointer and select every element inside the boundary.

How do I select a level in MicroStation?

To select a single level, click the level. To select many levels at once, click and drag through the level list. To select non-contiguous levels in the list, required levels. To deselect a level, the highlighted level.

How do I match properties in MicroStation v8i?

1. Go to the Change Attribute tool.

2. Click on eyedropper(Match Element Attributes)

3. Select the attributes you want to match by checking appropriate boxes.

4. Select new element to apply the attributes from first element.

How do I turn on handles in MicroStation?

In MicroStation, when an element is selected, handles appear. These handles can be used to stretch an element (object). To turn off and on handle display, use the Disable Edit Handles setting on the Preferences dialog box, Operation category (Workspace > Preferences).

How do I deselect in MicroStation?

MicroStation XM – Element Selection – Press ; – Click the Clear button in the tool settings window. – Key in choose none.18 jui. 2008

How do you join two lines in MicroStation?

Press “Alt + T” to drop down the tools menu and from “Groups” select the very first option that says “Create Complex Chain.” Go ahead and click the 2 lines that you would like to join and then click anywhere a third time. Your lines are now a singular element. Or even more simply, a Line.

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How do I edit lines in MicroStation?

How do you make a complex chain in MicroStation?

1. Create Complex Chain > Identify element (Identify the first element to include in the complex chain.)

2. Create Complex Chain > Accept/Reject (Select next input) (Identify the next element to include in the complex chain and continue selecting elements in order until all elements are selected.

What are levels in MicroStation?

MicroStation levels are used to separate and distinguish your drawing objects. When the drawing become complex, you will need to control the object appearances. You will need to show them in different colors, different line weight, and different line style… or you may need to show/hide objects in a certain category.

What does global display do in MicroStation?

Global Display This means that when you select/deselect a level in the level display dialog, it will turn on/off that level in all the open views. Thus it has a global effect. If Global Display is ON and the level is not frozen, the level displays on the screen.

How do you match Hatch properties in MicroStation?

MicroStation V8. 5 – If you use the SmartMatch tool on a hatched/patterend element, it will match the symbology of the boundary element and not the hatch. To match the symbology of the hatching, select Match Pattern Attributes and enable Match Symbology.19 jui. 2008

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