How to select point in microstation?

How do you select an element in MicroStation?

1. To select a single element.

2. To select one or more elements.

3. To select an additional element.

4. To select one or more additional elements.

5. To deselect an element.

6. To deselect all elements.

How do you quick select in MicroStation?

If you hold down the ctrl key, you can select as many elements as you’d like and if you still use the ctrl key, you can even select a selected element to deselect it. That’s a quick and easy way to select and deselect elements without having to mess with any of those icons in the Tool Settings dialogue.

How do I place a point by coordinates in MicroStation?

1. Select a placement tool.

2. In the key-in browser type the coordinates: “XY=1000,1000,0″

3. Hit the Enter key on the keyboard or the Run icon from the key-in browser.

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4. Continue to use the key-in browser and the “XY=” key-in to finish placing elements/vertices/cells…

How do you select a line in MicroStation?

How do you select everything on one level in MicroStation?

Select a single level Click the level. Select many levels at once Click and drag through the level list. Select non-contiguous levels in the list click required levels. Deselect a level click the highlighted level.

How do I show tasks in MicroStation?

Select Tools > Tasks from the pull down menus along the top of the screen. If there is a check box next to Tasks, then the Task Bar menus should be displayed.8 sept. 2014

Can you select similar in MicroStation?

The way it works is the user selects an element and then selects the option:select similar. This builds a selection set of all elements that share the same attributes: Level, cell name, etc.

How do you select multiple elements in MicroStation?

To select elements: Use the Element Selection tool (pointer) to select an individual element, or select the tools and drag a rectangle (window) around multiple elements. While selecting elements, hold the key to add elements to a selection set or deselect an already-selected element.

How do I match properties in MicroStation v8i?

1. Go to the Change Attribute tool.

2. Click on eyedropper(Match Element Attributes)

3. Select the attributes you want to match by checking appropriate boxes.

4. Select new element to apply the attributes from first element.

How do you show XYZ coordinates in MicroStation?

Delivered with MicroStation is a toolbar that will label coordinates in the file and import/export coordinates. From the MicroStation pulldown menu select Tools > Annotation > XYZ Text. Label Point – will label points selected in the drawing.3 fév. 2016

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How do you find coordinates in MicroStation?

Checking the Drawing The Geographic Coordinate System dialog is used to report, select or delete a GCS for the current model in a design file. Find this dialog from the MicroStation Tools menu, select Geographic > Select Geographic Coordinate System.

How do I change coordinates in MicroStation?

In the lower-right section of the MicroStation Window status bar, right-click the mouse and select Running Coordinates. Left-click the coordinate display on the status bar and select ACS Position. Change the Format, Accuracy and Direction Mode as required. Save the settings (File > Save Settings).23 mai 2014

How do I turn on handles in MicroStation?

In MicroStation, when an element is selected, handles appear. These handles can be used to stretch an element (object). To turn off and on handle display, use the Disable Edit Handles setting on the Preferences dialog box, Operation category (Workspace > Preferences).

How do you hide cells in MicroStation?

Hide Elements by using options in the right click menus Enable the display set view attribute. Select all elements and place them into a display set. Release the selection set. Then select those elements you wish to hide and remove them from the display set via the SHIFT+Right Click menu.27 oct. 2011

How do you hide levels in MicroStation?

Open the Level Display window (Settings menu > Level > Display) and turn the Dimensions level off.

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