How to change model size in microstation?

How do you change dimensions in MicroStation?

1. Text Toolbar. Open the Text toolbar from the pulldown menu:

2. Tools > Main > Text.

3. Edit Text. Using the Edit Text tool you can select any dimension text and add additional words, or overwrite the entire dimension value. Select the Edit Text icon. Select the text in your dimension.

How do I change the scale in MicroStation v8i?

How do you change the size of an arrow in MicroStation?

1. Open the seed file.

2. From the MicroStation menu bar select: Element > Dimension Styles.

3. Select the Geometry tab.

4. Change the Dimension with Leader section to as shown below.

5. Give a Save Settings command (CTRL+F).

6. Verify result.

How do I edit lines in MicroStation?

How do you scale things in MicroStation?

How do you use the 3 point scale in MicroStation?

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1. Select the Scale Raster tool ( Drawing > Attach > Raster ).

2. Choose 3 Points Scale from the Method option menu.

3. Enter a data point at the same location, whatever the scale.

4. Enter a second data point on the image.

How do you find the scale of a drawing in MicroStation?

1. From the MicroStation pull down menu Settings > Drawing Scale.

2. In the Drawing Scale dialog change the drop down scale.

How do I stretch a dimension in MicroStation?

How do you measure in MicroStation?

1. Select all the elements you want to measure.

2. Pick the tool from Analyze-tab > Measure toolbox > Measure Volume.

3. Measure Volume dialog box opens and displays the combined volume value. Value appears also to the Message Center.

How do I change terminator in MicroStation?

With the cell library attached and the cells populating the Cell Library dialog box, select the cell you want to use as a Dimension Style terminator. Once selected, go to the bottom of the dialog box and click ‘Terminator’. The name of the cell will populate next to the ‘Terminator’ box.14 avr. 2016

How do I match properties in MicroStation?

1. Go to the Change Attribute tool.

2. Click on eyedropper(Match Element Attributes)

3. Select the attributes you want to match by checking appropriate boxes.

4. Select new element to apply the attributes from first element.

How do you trim in MicroStation?

How do I change colors in MicroStation?

To change the background color go under Settings > Color Table. The Modify Color dialog box will come up. Once this is up select the desired color and then click OK.28 août 2014

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How do you scale a raster in MicroStation?

1. Open Raster Manager (File > Raster Manager)

2. Select the raster to resize.

3. Select the Scale icon.

4. In the tool settings dialog, select Active Scale.

5. For fixed aspect ratio toggle the lock icon to appear locked (For unfixed aspect ratio toggle the lock icon to appear unlocked)

How do you zoom all in MicroStation?

For example, within Intelli-Cad I can hold down “Ctrl+Shift” with the left mouse button and get real-time zoom. While holding all three buttons, I can push the mouse forward to zoom in and pull it back to zoom out.7 août 2014

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