You can use Vports to create a variety of viewport configurations in paper space or model space.

– this is particularly useful to set up top, front, right and

Isometric viewports for mechanical 3D applications.

-each viewport can also have a different UCS which makes it 
easier to create parts in 3D.

-the utility is also useful to set up several viewports at the same time for 2D applications.

You will probably create single viewports most of the time.

– the Viewports toolbar has a Single Viewport button that uses 
the default <Fit> option of Vports in the command line mode.

– you could achieve the same results by typing a hyphen before 
typing VPORTS on the command line (i.e. –VPORTS ).

The Viewports toolbar is practical to have open when you are creating and managing viewports in paper space.

– this is a fast way to create viewports one-at-a-time.

– you will use it to create a new viewport in the following exercise.

practice creating a simple rectangular viewport

  1. Continue from the last exercise.
  2. Right-click on ANY toolbar to invoke a shortcut and select Viewports (if it is not already checked).

3- Make VIEWPORT the current Layer by selecting it in the Object Property layer control drop down list.

Single Viewport

4- Pick the Single Viewport button (second from left end) of the Viewports toolbar to create a new rectangular viewport. Then pick two corner points by eye near P1 and P2. The Viewports toolbar should be Scale to Fit for now.

5- Double-click inside the new viewport you just created on the A Size – Portrait layout to switch to the MODEL. Observe the Viewports toolbar again.

Your viewport toolbar should now show the display magnification of the current viewport in the drop down list.

– it will probably be different than the one shown above because you picked the viewport corners by eye.

– the viewport display was set to use Scale to fit.

6- Pick File + Save to update your changes to T114_1.dwg and prepare for the next exercise.

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