Lesson63- Introduction To Blocks


Understand What Blocks Are & Where They Are Stored

Learn How To Define Blocks With BMAKE

Learn How To Insert Blocks & Drawing Files

Using INSERT

Drag & Drop

Cut & Paste

AutoCAD DesignCenter

Introduce Attributes

Creating Custom Title Blocks With Attributes

Editing Attribute Values In Blocks

Introduce Reference Files

Learn How To Use XREF To Attach A Reference File Understand The Difference Between INSERT & XREF

What Are Blocks?

A block definition is a named imprint for a selection set of objects.

  • when this imprint is stored in the current drawing it can be easily 
inserted any number of times at various scales and orientations.
  • an inserted block is one object that can be selected by selecting any part of the inserted block. 
The most common use of blocks is for drawing symbols.
  • you can create your own symbol library or purchase libraries of 
standard drafting & design symbols.
  • typical symbols from various industries are shown below.

Faster Drawings

Use blocks for drawing symbols to minimize disk space and maximize AutoCAD performance.

each additional block insert requires only a small amount of additional storage space compared to multiple copies of objects.

Less Work

You can draw something once and use it many times as a block insert to avoid extra work and save time.

Automatic Update

All insertions of a block are automatically updated when you modify a block definition.

Standard Dwgs

It is easy to standardize drawings and have a consistent approach when everyone in an office uses the same symbol library for blocks.

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