hello my name is brian benson and i’m going to be your instructor for this training course on arocha this courses designed for beginners maybe you’ve dabbled in the cab before perhaps it’s been awhile since you’ve used why their way the course assumes that you

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no nothing about on a cat so don’t worry each course of builds on the previous one and several chapters have projects at the end of them many of those projects pick up for the last one and it often enough final project where you use all the skills that you’ve worn trickery

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tutti dimensional drawing of the small movie theater where the course of the next few hours i’m going to show you how to treat can drink from scratch had added them print them and make digital versions that you can enough to clients anywhere across the globe the rock discourse aisle

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show you tips and tricks that will help you to be more efficient knock out how old demonstration explained in good care practices and methods that only will you are hunted drawn can we’ll learn how to manage the internal workings of your files has more than just lines and tax cuts date

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so it is the geometric and some of it is dinner when this course you will learn how to drop and how to draw accurately this course will give you the good foundation of skills that you’ll be overtake long with u. n. in too many different design fields where many projects

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we’re out this course that build upon each other in the end they’re going to take these projects in use them for final project whiz video will show you how to start a fire from scratch what tools to use and how to use them whoa also look at something called block

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that allow you to retreat similar objects over and over again without ever having to redraw them whew get to learn how to use different editing tools that lottie to change my work in your drawings text and dimensions are also key points in our care that we will cover what

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show you how to manage their money setting so that you can imitate your drugs according to your needs what each lesson will give you step by step instructions and using our cat to reassure you different approaches they can be taken to get your work done where many ways too

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and our cat when many ways to draw and our cat there are many ways to use our cat and we’re going to explore is many of them as we can whiz herb by the few of the topics arena cover in the series her gonna go into great detail for each one what the train

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you’ll get from this video you’ll be able to make highly organized and two dimensional drawings and our look at what good lock and let’s get started

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Video 2- Installation