What is the opposite of extrude in autocad?

Opposite of to push or thrust out. pull. draw.

You asked, how do I undo extrusion in AutoCAD? Check the circle extrusion in the Properties palette and see if it says Surface or 3D Solid. If you explode the solid it will change to a surface. You can then delete the surface and have just the circle.

Similarly, how do I undo extrude?

  1. Select the top extruded face ( Ctrl Tab then choose ‘face’ and right click to select the face)
  2. Use Ctrl Numpad+ to extend the selection. Do that several times.
  3. X to delete the selected vertices.
  4. Ctrl Tab then choose ‘edge’ this time.
  5. Alt RMB to select the edges surrounding the hole.
  6. F to remake the face.

Considering this, what is another word for extrusion? In this page you can discover 25 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for extrusion, like: extruder, expulsion, prominence, protrusion, excrescence, thermoset, thermoforming, moulding, extrude, urethane and extruders.

Subsequently, what is the meaning of extruder? : someone or something that extrudes something specifically : a machine that shapes material by forcing it through a specially designed opening a pasta extruder There are recipes too, and for those who don’t have a sausage extruder at home (who doesn’t?) some of the sausages don’t require casings. —


How do I undo extrusion in Solidworks?

Select the end condition. Select a plane to define an extrude direction normal to the plane. To remove the faces defining the extrude from the model after extruding, click Delete original faces.

How do you edit an extrusion in AutoCAD?

  1. In the drawing area, select the extrusion.
  2. If you are in the project environment:
  3. Click Modify | Extrusion tab Mode panel (Edit Extrusion).
  4. If desired, modify the extrusion profile.
  5. On the Properties palette, change the visibility, material, or subcategory of the extrusion, if desired.
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How do you remove a extrusion in Revit?

Click Modify | Extrusion tab Mode panel (Edit Extrusion). If desired, modify the extrusion profile. On the Properties palette, change the visibility, material, or subcategory of the extrusion, if desired. To change the extrusion to a solid or a void, under Identity Data, for Solid/Void, select Solid or Void.

How do you remove an extrusion in fusion?

How do you undo an extrude in Maya?

With your object selected, click Windows->Node Editor, then select the shape node and click on the double arrows to expand the input and output connections. (See below.) You can then click on the extrusion you want to remove, and hit the delete key.

How do you get rid of extruded faces in blender?

Whats the difference between press pull and Extrude?

Difference between Extrude/PushPull commands: Extrude works on sketch profiles and/or planar faces. PushPull works on faces and/or edges. Invoking PushPull on a sketch profile turns it into an Extrude command.

What is the opposite of explode in AutoCAD?

There is no “unexplode”: you can use BLOCK command or BEDIT command to make a new block. Hi, the command you are looking for is “join”, it will connect all the lines you select.

What is sweep in CAD?

The 2D sub-object or object is swept along an open or closed path to create a 3D surface or solid using sweep command. The object enclosing the area is swept to create a 3D solid or surface, but an open-ended object is swept to create only a 3D surface.

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What is the opposite of protrusion?

Opposite of something that protrudes. cavity. concave. concavity. dent.

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