How to make dimension text mask in autocad?

I’ve been looking for a way to mask the drawing behind dimension text since AutoCAD came out with the text mask option for mtext. I finally found it. In AutoCAD under the text tab in the dimension style set the fill color to “background”, now your dimensions will have a mask behind the text.

People ask also, how do I add a dimension mask in AutoCAD?

Amazingly, how do you create a text mask in AutoCAD? Double-click the text to begin editing the text. Then, in the Style panel of the Text Editor contextual ribbon, click the Background Mask button. The program displays the Background Mask dialog. Select the Use background mask checkbox to turn on a background mask.

Also, can you put a background mask on dimensions in AutoCAD? You can add a background mask to a single dimension or all dimensions within a drawing file.

Similarly, how do I convert text to Mtext in Autocad? In the Express Tools tab>Text panel, use the Convert to Mtext tool (shown in Figure B–8) to combine multiple individual text objects to create one multi-line text object. When you start this command, you can select the individual single line text objects and then press .


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How do I put text below dimension in Autocad?

Type ED in at the command line and hit Select the dimension to edit. move the text cursor to the right of the dimension value and hit This will create the new line below the dim value.

How do I make text background transparent in Autocad?

In the Type Properties window which should now be on screen, select the Text type from the drop down list or create a new one. Then under Graphics ►Background, click Opaque and switch it to Transparent.

How do you mask a block in Autocad?

  1. If you have created your own mask block definition, create a tool from it.
  2. If you are working with an existing mask block tool, open the palette it is located on.
  3. Select the mask block tool on the palette.
  4. Specify the insertion point of the mask block.
  5. Continue adding mask blocks, and press Enter.

How do I hide the line behind text in Autocad?

  1. On the Ribbon, go to Home tab > Expand Annotation drop-down > Dimension styles manager.
  2. Select the Dimension style to change and click Modify.
  3. Go to Text tab > Text appearance.
  4. From the Fill color drop-down, choose Background.
  5. Confirm all windows with OK.

How do you use text masks?

How do you mask text in civil3d?

Create Multi Line text and select it to open the text’s contextual ribbon. On the Style tab select the Mask button. The Background Mask dialog box will allow you to choose whether to use a background mask or not as well as what color it will be (or the same color as the drawing background color).

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What is background mask in AutoCAD?

Use Background Mask Puts an opaque background behind the text. Note: When you apply a background mask to text multiple columns only the column areas will be masked. The space between the columns commonly referred to as gutters will be unmasked.

What is a wipeout in Autocad?

The Wipeout command is used to hide some parts of the drawing without deleting them. It is an object of the background color, the borders of which have a different color and can be hidden.

How do you highlight dimensions in Autocad?

To highlight the text with a color, just set DimTFill to 2 and assign a color number. Use color number 0 to use a ByBlock setting, or color 256 for a ByLayer setting. These text fill settings can also be assigned to a dimensions style in the Text tab of the Dimension Style Manager.

How do I convert text to mtext without combining in AutoCAD?

  1. Download the lisp and Load it into the AutoCAD by typing APPLOAD on the command line.
  2. Type in T1MJ and select the Text objects you want to convert.
  3. Hit Enter! Your Single-line Text objects are now Single-line Mtext objects!

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