How to draw an angle in autocad 2002?

  1. Enter the left angle bracket (<) and the angle, for example <45, and move the cursor to indicate the direction.
  2. Enter polar coordinates, for example 2.5<45.
  3. Press F8 to turn on Ortho to lock the angle to horizontal and vertical directions.

Also, how do you make a 45 degree angle in AutoCAD?

Likewise, how do you draw angles?

Also the question is, how do you enter degrees in AutoCAD?

  1. Setting the Units. 1.) Type in UNITS and hit the key. 2.) The Units dialog opens and you will see on the left your Units of measure and on the right your Angular Units. 3.)
  2. Usage. 1.) start a line command. 2.) Select your starting point. 3.)
  3. Proper entry for Deg/Min/Sec. 20d10’20”

People ask also, how do I set the angle of a line in AutoCAD?


How do you find the angle of a line in AutoCAD?

  1. Click Home tab Utilities panel Measure drop-down Distance. Find.
  2. Specify a first and a second point. Use object snaps for precision.

How do you draw a 30 degree angle in AutoCAD?

How do you draw a 90 degree line in AutoCAD?

How do you draw a straight angle?

  1. Draw a straight-line OA, with an arrowhead at A.
  2. Now keep the protractor on this line such that the baseline of the protractor is aligned over OA.
  3. Start from 0° and move towards 180° marking of the protractor.
  4. Join the vertex of the line OA with the point B.

How do you make a 360 angle?

How do you construct a 180 degree angle?

  1. Step 1: Draw a ray OA.
  2. Step 2: Place the protractor at point O.
  3. Step 3: In the inner circle of the protractor, look for 180° reading and with a pencil mark a dot and name it C.
  4. Step 4: Join O and C. Now, ∠AOC=180 degree angle.

What is the shortcut for the degree symbol?

Insert the degree symbol by using a keyboard shortcut Place the cursor where you want to insert the degree symbol. On your keyboard, press Alt + 0176. Note: This method works only for keyboards that include a 10-key numeric pad.

How do you draw directions in AutoCAD?

  1. Select a north arrow or datum point tool on a tool palette. A north arrow tool and a datum point tool are located on the Annotation palette.
  2. Specify the insertion point of the north arrow or datum point in the drawing area.
  3. Specify the rotation.

How do I measure an angle in AutoCAD 2d?

How to measure the angle of arc? Select ‘Angular dimension’ from the Annotation panel in the Home tab. Or type ‘DIMA’ in the command bar and press Enter key. It will ask for ‘select arc, circle, and line’.

How do you draw a line with degrees and minutes in AutoCAD?

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