Best answer: How to remove exclamation mark in autocad?

It is controlled by the system variable, ANNOMONITOR which can be turned off by setting its value to (0). If you are not familiar with system variables, this is done as follows by typing the system variable (case insensitive) at the command line and then changing the value.

Likewise, how do you Reassociate a leader in AutoCAD? You can easily locate the affected dimensions and reassociate them with their respective geometry points by click-dragging them to snap to one or both geometry points again, if necessary. If you click one of the exclamation points, that brings up a menu with two choices, Reassociate and Delete.

Best answer for this question, what is disassociated annotation in AutoCAD? To quickly locate dimensions or leaders that have lost associativity with their geometry, the yellow ‘badge alerts’ will appear when the Annotation Monitor is turned on. If you hover the cursor over one of the yellow boxes, ‘Disassociated Annotation’ will appear at the cursor’s location.

Similarly, how do I turn off associative dimension in AutoCAD? Control Whether New Dimensions Are Associative Click Application button Options. In the Options dialog box, User Preferences tab, under Associative Dimensioning, select or clear Make New Dimensions Associative.

Also, how do I clear AutoCAD history?

  1. Type OPTIONS on the command line.
  2. Switch to the Open and Save tab and set the following to 0 (zero): File Open > Number of recently-used files. Application Menu > Number of recently-used files.
  3. Click Apply or OK.

The marker is highlighting the fact that the object it was measuring / referencing has been deleted or disassociated. This is particularly using if using constraints or perhaps 3D model geometry.

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How do you remove a disassociated annotation?

  1. To toggle the annotation monitor off: At the command line type ANNOMONITOR and set this variable to 0 to turn the alert off.
  2. To keep the annotation monitor on, and reassociate the dissociated dimension:

How do I show annotations in AutoCAD?

  1. Insert text or dimension.
  2. In the Properties palette, change the Annotative setting to Yes.
  3. Click the “” next to the current scale to open the Annotative Object Scale dialog.
  4. Add necessary scales, then click OK.

How do you Reassociate a dimension in AutoCAD?

  1. Select one or more dimensions to associate or reassociate.
  2. Press Enter and do one of the following: To associate the dimension to specific geometry, enter s (Select object) and select the geometry.
  3. Repeat steps as needed.

What is the use of marker in AutoCAD?

You can use either custom markers or AutoCAD points to designate point nodes. If you choose to use AutoCAD points as markers, the marker style can be adjusted with the DDPTYPE command. In this exercise, you will select a new custom marker and superimposed symbol, and then size the marker in absolute units.

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How do you change associative in Autocad?

  1. Click Application menu > Options.
  2. In the Options dialog box, User Preferences tab, under Associative Dimensioning, verify that Make New Dimensions Associative is checked.
  3. Click OK.

What is an associative measurement?

Associative dimensions adjust to changes in the geometric objects that they measure. Dimension associativity defines the relationship between geometric objects and the dimensions that give their distance and angles. There are three types of associativity between geometric objects and dimensions.

What are dimensional constraints?

Dimensional Constraints control the distance, length, diameter, radius, and angle values of entities. Changing the value of Dimensional Constraints changes the dimension of the related entities.

How do I turn off annotative text in AutoCAD?

Go to Solution. There is an icon at the bottom toolbar for ‘automatically add scales’. If you turn this off then an item, even though it may have annotative scaling properties, will not add scales to it without you specifically telling it to in the properties dialogue.

How do you edit annotations in AutoCAD?

  1. Double-click the annotation to display the Multiline Text Editor.
  2. Edit the text as desired in the text editing box, or change the text style, font, height, color, or other characteristics using the drop-down lists and buttons on the toolbar.

How do I change annotations in AutoCAD?

  1. Click Annotate tab Dimensions panel dialog box launcher. Find.
  2. In the Styles list box, select a style and click Modify.
  3. On the Fit tab, under Scale for Dimension Features, click Annotative.
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