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The future of virtual production is here with Maxon

The Extended Reality Group (ERG) virtual production studio is known for creating original high-tech experiences and presentations for companies like Ford and General Motors. Yet nothing compares to the sheer scale of Resorts World Las Vegas’ latest “Stay Fabulous” campaign they recently collaborated on.

In collaboration with Psyop and the Hooray agency, ERG used Cinema 4D, Unreal Engine and Houdini to create a short commercial to launch the “Stay Fabulous” campaign, starring Céline Dion, Carrie Underwood, Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, Tiësto and Zedd.

Produced using the same type of cutting-edge technology as The Mandalorian, the film is the first commercial entirely shot by virtual production with a hidden camera, filmed on an LED volume.

Keen to learn more about the volume’s 3D backdrop development, we chatted with ERG founders and executive producers Zack Kingdon and Evan Glantz, as well as lead technical artist Patrick Beery.

Tell us about the project. What were you asked to do, and how was it described?

Glantz: When we were first approached about this project, we were asked to receive elements modeled in 3D so that we could optimize geometry and textures to integrate and leverage them into Unreal’s workflow. Engine and display application on an LED volume stage.

We were also tasked with doing all of the stage construction lighting, as well as the final touch-ups, working directly with Creative Director Marco Spier. As the project progressed and the creative scope changed to incorporate additional scenes, our contribution expanded to include the creative services needed to design and build the new environments.

The full article via the official Maxon website here …

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