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New Cineware plugin for Unreal now available

Friedrichsdorf, Germany – December 2, 2021 – Maxon, developer of professional software solutions for motion designers and VFX artists, is pleased to announce the immediate availability of an update to the Cineware for Unreal plugin. This new plugin for Unreal Engine 4.27 brings substantial workflow improvements, such as the dynamic import of C4D content without calculating a cache, and the ability to modify Cinema 4D content and attributes directly in the Unreal editor.

New features :

Import Cinema 4D content: With Cinema 4D, it’s easy to create 3D models and animations that you can use to create games, real-time graphics, or other interactive content in Unreal Engine. Importing C4D files directly into Unreal is now easier and more reliable than ever. A Datasmith import update uses the Cinema 4D installation already on your computer to dynamically import your complete C4D scene without having to generate caches. This allows file sizes to be reduced and new interactive workflows to be implemented with Unreal.

Updating Cinema 4D content from Unreal: With the Cineware for Unreal plugin, you can adjust specific attributes of a Cinema 4D file directly in Unreal Engine. Adjust the text and other scene parameters in a panel or using the Blueprint Editor and with a single click re-import the Cinema 4D file with your changes applied.

Use Cineware to import files from other applications: The C4D file format is not limited to Cinema 4D. Many Maxon partners have adopted this robust 3D file format. For example, Datasmith’s import of Cinema 4D files can be used with files from Allplan, ArchiCAD, and Vectorworks – providing a great starting point for architectural presentations and visualizations using Unreal Engine.

Update Notes:

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Cineware for Unreal 4.27 or later is available immediately but must be enabled in the plugins list for each project.

Cineware for Unreal requires an installation of Cinema 4D S24.111 for dynamic import. Activation is not required.

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