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Import real-world objects into Cinema 4D with Moves from Maxon

Friedrichsdorf, Germany – December 13, 2021 – When Apple first unveiled its Object Capture API at WWDC last June, Cinema 4D and Moves by Maxon were touted as the first professional 3D workflow to take advantage of these new photogrammetry tools. With Object Capture in Moves by Maxon, users can turn a series of photos taken on an iPhone or iPad into a textured 3D model. With the public release of this toolkit in macOS Monterey, Maxon is pleased to release an updated version of the Moves by Maxon app. Now macOS users can easily capture their own objects and embed them in Cinema 4D.

“Every day artists face the challenge of finding the 3D models they need in online marketplaces or having to create them from scratch,” comments David McGavran, CEO of Maxon. “Now, bringing real-world objects to Cinema 4D is easier than ever with Moves and the power of macOS.”

The workflow is intuitive and simple. Artists need only take pictures of an object from all angles, making sure to get enough coverage. In the Moves by Maxon iOS app, a globe-shaped graphic helps ensure proper object coverage by showing the angles at which the images were taken. Moves by Maxon makes it easy to connect iPhone or iPad to an open Cinema 4D instance and transfer the footage. Once the images are transferred, artists simply choose Calculate Object from the context menu to create a 3D object from the captures. The objects are instantly stored in the Cinema 4D resource browser and are assigned keywords from the Vision Framework. The captured objects can then be dragged from the resource browser into the 3D environment and manipulated using C4D’s placement tools.

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This feature uses an exclusive API available in macOS Monterey and requires Cinema 4D R25 SP1 (25.11x). Users also need any Apple Silicon Mac, or an Intel Mac with 16 GB of RAM and an AMD GPU with at least 4 GB of VRAM.

Moves by Maxon is immediately available on the Apple App Store.

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