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How to Wish Happy Holidays with a Motion Design Clip

Without a doubt, it has been a crazy and amazing year. Check out all the fantastic 2021 news and updates from Maxon below.

Maxon acquires ZBrush

In 2021, we announced Maxon’s intention to acquire ZBrush last week. Subject to regulatory approval, the award-winning 3D sculpting and painting tool (and his incredible team) will be part of the Maxon team in early 2022.

We must not forget the Forger and Bang redemptions, which were quickly integrated into the Maxon One subscription offer at no additional cost.

Product launch in 2021

There were over 80 product releases and updates in 2021, including 2 Cinema 4D updates, over 2 dozen Redshift updates, and updates to most of Red Giant’s tools. Complete. If you’re not a Maxon One subscriber and / or haven’t updated your products recently, you’re missing out on plenty of new features and performance improvements.

Webinars and events in 2021

Each month, we showcased top professionals on our flagship show, the 3D Motion Show. We have hosted over 500 hours of live training sessions to help the Maxon community learn and be successful with our products. We continued our popular Demystifying Post-Production and Hashi’s VFX Side Quest series, and launched two exciting new shows: Ask The Trainer and VFX & Chill. Recordings of all these events are available on our YouTube channels.

News and customer successes in 2021

What an incredible year it has been for the Maxon community. We may have all been quarantined, but the industry seems to have thrived. We have been overwhelmed by the success stories of artists using Maxon One, such as Time front page Beeple and the Tonight Show, the Perception Emmy nomination for WandaVision and many more success stories.

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We can’t wait to see you (in person, we hope) in 2022!

The clip directed by Lionel here …

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