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How Scholar used Cinema 4D and Redshift for their creations

Bicoastal design studio Scholar is no stranger to variety. Working with a range of 2D and 3D elements, Scholar’s team of artists skillfully tackle projects for clients including Apple, Beats By Dre, Target, Lego, Porsche, Volkswagen, ESPN and Bleacher Report.

In fact, the 2D/3D mashups they create using a mix of Cinema 4D, Maya, After Effects, Photoshop and Redshift have become, over time, one of the secrets to the studio’s success, earning Scholar a host of Gold and Silver Lions at Cannes and tens of thousands of followers on Instagram. It’s also one of the reasons clients like ESPN, and its ad agency BSSP, keep coming back.

“Since the beginning, we have always liked to mix techniques”, explains Will Campbell, director/partner of Scholar. “We do CG with video and particles, then we mix them and draw over them.”

A taste for novelty and visual eclecticism is in Scholar’s DNA. When Campbell co-founded the studio in 2010, there was a lot of freelance burnout, he recalls. “Other companies didn’t treat artists with the respect my co-founder Will Johnson and I felt they deserved. So we wanted to create a company where people could feel invested in their work, a place owned and run by artists who want to help nurture other artists along the way.”

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