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An avant-garde program for the 3D and Motion Design Maxon trade fair in December

Friedrichsdorf, Germany – December 3, 2021 – Today, Maxon announced their list of speakers for the December 3D and Motion Design Show, the free virtual series of artist-focused presentations for 3D and motion graphics artists. The final show of the year, which takes place on December 8, will see presentations from a number of leading VFX artists who will explore a range of topics from digital fashion and style to whimsical designs and distortions. environmental. These artists will demonstrate best practices from their own workflow and share their best tips to help users get the most out of Maxon’s wide range of tools.

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Some of the featured speakers include

Stephy Fung is a London-based 3D artist who has recently enjoyed great success in the emerging digital 3D fashion scene. Her new digital render of traditional Chinese dress, the qipao, has received critical acclaim and her collection can be viewed and worn on the Dress X retail site.

Chad Knight first enjoyed success as a professional skateboarder for 16 years, but has since directed his creative energy towards 3D animation and digital sculpture. Previously Director of 3D Shoe Design for Nike, he is now Head of Cyber ​​Apparel at Wilder World, where he oversees the creation of digital apparel for Metaverse avatars.

Tom Coben is a freelance Minnesota-based graphic designer with a background in video production. It was this passion for filmmaking and stop motion animation that led him to the world of 3D animation. His projects, including the viral video “Goodbye Donald Trump” produced for Jimmy Kimmel Live! are generally wonderfully wacky and absurd.

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Athanasios “Noseman” Pozantzis is a Toronto-based Cinema 4D master trainer and the founder of Noseman Productions. He has been producing visuals for the advertising industry since 1989, has taught courses to countless artists, and has created extensive educational content on Adobe software, especially Cinema 4D.

Presentations from all Maxon 3D and Motion Design Shows are streamed live and available on demand shortly thereafter on, as well as on Maxon’s YouTube channel. Internet users will be able to interact and send their questions by chat during question-and-answer sessions live with the artists.

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