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A critical patch for Universe is available immediately

Friedrichsdorf, Germany – October 26, 2021 – Today Maxon released a critical patch for Universe. It is strongly recommended that all users install this update immediately. Universe (version 5.01) fixes a critical bug encountered by Windows based Nvidia GPU users where fractal noise in Universe was rendering incorrectly. This error affected 18 different plugins that rely on fractal noise for their results (see the list of affected plugins below).

This release also fixes a licensing issue for Universe customers who do not have Red Giant Complete or Maxon One when using Universe in Final Cut Pro. This error prevented the correct licensing of Universe from being granted when users did not install Magic Bullet Suite, resulting in a watermark. This update fixes the licensing issue and removes the watermark.

Users are encouraged to update immediately through the Maxon app.

List of previously affected plugins:


– Vague de Chaleur


– Fractal Background

– Soft Gradient Background

– Turbulence noise


– Glimmer

– Quantum


– analogue

– Electrify

– Glitch

– Ecto

– GloFi II

– Holomatrix II

– Luster

– Misfire


– Channel Surf

– Color mosaic

– Glitch transition

– Turbulence transition

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