Advanced AutoCAD 2D

Lesson 3 – Creating & Using Groups

Selection sets are normally temporary but it is possible to Group objects together into a more permanent selection set. Groups can be unnamed but it is practical to assign new groups a name to remind you what each group represents. if a group has a name you can enter G at the “Select objects” prompt to specify the name of the group you wish to select. you can practically think of groups as named selection sets. With <Group On> you can Read More...

Lesson 2 – Selection Cycling

It is not always possible to place your pickbox over only one object (the one you want to select) when objects are close together. if you left-click with your pickbox over more than one object AutoCAD normally selects the youngest object but this might not be the object that you actually want to select. use the selection cycling feature for more control over which object you select with the pickbox if objects are close together. For example, suppose you wanted Read More...

Lesson 1 – Basic Tools Review

The default mode for selecting objects (e.g. in edit commands) is to use your pickbox to select objects one at a time. use the pickbox when you must select only a few objects. if you must select more than a few objects you should be using amore effective selection tool than this. You can change the pickbox size on the Selection tab of the Options dialogue box use a smaller size when drawings are crowded. increase the size if you Read More...
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