Using Point Filters in 2D

Most of us who do not work in the 3D world sometimes forget about how valuable point filters can be in 2D. Point filters are used in conjunction with base point selections for the move, rotate and scale commands as well as any other command requiring a base point. There are times when the point you want to use for the base point may not be easily found through the standard object snaps. For example, you may need to move an object to a new elevation but maintain its current xy location. The simple way to do that is with point filters. You would start the move command, select your object to move, and, at the first base point request, select any end point or snap point on your object. When it asks for the base point to move to, you would enter select the other object and the macro will retrieve the .x or .y value.  AutoCAD will store the x or y coordinate and you will only be able to move your object in one or the other direction.

In the example below we are going to move the box on the right to specific x and y coordinates on the left.

  • Launch AutoCAD and draw two objects as shown in Figure 1 below.

  • Type move and select the object(s) on the right near the blue point 1.

  • When AutoCAD asks for a basepoint select the corner at the blue point 1.

  • Next type .x at the command prompt and select the intersection at point 2 and hit enter.

  • Move your object and notice how you can move in the y direction but AutoCAD stops at the filtered x point that you selected.

  • Note: The x coordinate is locked showing how point filters can be very useful in lining objects up.

  • Continue your test in the y-direction with the black numbers testing out the y point filter.


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                                        Figure 1: 2D Point Filter Examples

Screencast showing how to use point filters in a 2D environment

Source: Autodesk

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