Slicing Solids

Slicing Solids
Learn how to slice solids in AutoCAD 2018. Get quick and easy video tutorials on modifying 3D objects by AutoCAD experts.

Slicing Solids

You can use the Slice tool to slice open 3D solids or surfaces to illustrate their internal structure. This tool cuts through a solid or surface along a specified plane. You first select the objects to be sliced and then locate the slicing plane. The Slice tool actually slices the original solid into two new separate solids or surfaces. You can then decide what you want to do with the resulting objects: retain one or the other or keep both in your drawing.

To slice a solid, on the Home ribbon, in the Solid Editing panel, click the Slice tool. The program prompts you to select the objects you want to slice. You can use any convenient object selection method. Click to select the solid. When you finish selecting the objects, press ENTER or right-click.

Next, the program prompts you to specify the start point of the slicing plane. There are many different ways in which you can define the slicing plane. The default method is to select three points in space that define the plane. You can also select an existing planar object or an existing surface; specify a point on the section plane and another point on the Z-axis of that plane; align the cutting plane parallel to the current viewing plane; or align the cutting plane with the XY-, YZ-, or ZX-plane and passing through a specified point.

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In this case, since the object you are slicing is aligned parallel with the current UCS, right-click and choose the ZX option. The program then prompts you to specify a point on the ZX-plane, so that you can position the plane in relation to the object. Use Midpoint object snap to snap to the midpoint of the short side of the object.

Lastly, the program prompts you to specify a point on the desired side. Press ENTER to keep both sides. As soon as you do, the object is sliced into two separate objects, both of which remain in the drawing. Now, you can select one of the objects and delete it if you wish.

On the Quick Access Toolbar, click Undo twice to restore the original object. Then, repeat these steps. Click the Slice tool, click to select the object, and right-click. Then, right-click again, select the ZX option, and click to select the midpoint of the short edge. This time, when the program prompts you to specify a point on the desired side, click beyond the object. As soon as you do, the object is sliced and the half on the near side is removed. You are left with a new solid that has been sliced in half.

Source: Autodesk

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