“Modeling Operation Error: Error Code Number is 40007” when using the Sweep command in AutoCAD


When trying to use the
Sweep command, after selecting the sweep path, the command line returns the following error.


Modeling Operation Error:
Error Code Number is 40007
Modeling Operation Error:
Error Code Number is 40007
Unable to sweep 1 selected objects.

As a result, no object is created.

Note: Depending on AutoCAD version and operating system, a different error number might be shown, such as 40021.


The combination of sweep object and sweep path results in a self-intersecting solid as the result of the sweep operation. The creation of such objects is not allowed.


Modify either the sweep path or the profile in order to prevent the resulting solid from self-intersecting. Possible helpful operations are:

  • Altering the sweep path.
  • Scaling down the sweep profile.
  • Moving the sweep profile grips.

As an example, scaling down the profile is shown in the following video:


See Also:

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AutoCAD for Mac; AutoCAD;


2017; 2019; 2018;

Source: Autodesk

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