How to set up the Autodesk Network License Manager on a Mac


This article shows how to set up and configure the Autodesk Network License Manager on a Mac.


  • OS X El Capitan
  • macOS Sierra
  • macOS High Sierra
  • macOS Mojave


For the Autodesk Network License Manager system requirements for Mac operating system see: 
System Requirements for the Network License Manager

    1. Download Autodesk Network License Manager version for Mac
      • ​​Download the nlm11.18.0.0_ipv4_ipv6_mac_universal.tar.gz file to the Desktop.
    2. To install the Autodesk Network License Manager:
      • Double click on nlm11.18.0.0_ipv4_ipv6_mac_universal.tar.gz to unpack the installer package.
      • After unpacking nlm11.18.0.0_ipv4_ipv6_mac_universal.pkg, will be /Downloads/adlm/FLEXnet folder.
      • Double click on nlm11.18.0.0_ipv4_ipv6_mac_universal.pkg to start installation and follow the installation wizard.
      • The license server will be installed in /usr/local/flexnetserver/ directory.
    3. Change permissions for /usr/local/flexnetserver/ directory to 777 
    • Open Terminal (located in /Applications/Utilities/Terminal) and enter the following command:
    sudo chmod -R 777 /usr/local/flexnetserver
    • Note: Administrator password may be asked. While typing no characters are shown, just type out the password and hit return key.
    • Note: To start the license server only with elevated permissions (using sudo command), change permissions to 755 instead of 777.
    1. Create /usr/local/flexnetserver/licenses directory for network license file location
    sudo mkdir /usr/local/flexnetserver/licenses
    1. Find the license server Host Name and Host ID.
    2. Generate the Network License File in the Autodesk Account (video tutorial).
      • Once the license file is generated, make sure it has a .lic extension (e.g. adsk_license.lic) and is in a plain text format (How to create a plain text file using TextEdit on a Mac.) and place it in /usr/local/flexnetserver/licenses directory
    Note: In this article we will refer to 
    adsk_license.lic as network license file name. Feel free to change the actual name of the license file, but make sure to reflect the new name when using the commands below.
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    1. Create a debug.log file in the /usr/local/flexnetserver/ directory using the following command:
    touch debug.log

    1. To start the Network License Server use the following command:
    /usr/local/flexnetserver/lmgrd -c /usr/local/flexnetserver/licenses/adsk_license.lic -l /usr/local/flexnetserver/debug.log
    Note: If folder permissions for 
    /usr/local/flexnetserver/ are set to 
    775, then use
    sudo command to start the server. For example:
    sudo /usr/local/flexnetserver/lmgrd -c /usr/local/flexnetserver/licenses/adsk_license.lic -l /usr/local/flexnetserver/debug.log

    1. To obtain license server status enquiry:
    /usr/local/flexnetserver/lmutil lmstat -a -c /usr/local/flexnetserver/licenses/adsk_license.lic
    1. To stop the license server:
    /usr/local/flexnetserver/lmutil lmdown -q -force
    • A​​lternatively, run ps command to obtain process ids for lmgrd and adskflex and then kill those processes:
    ps -ax | grep lmgrd
    ps -ax | grep adskflex
    kill -9
    • (provide process ids obtained by previous commands individually)

    To start the license server automatically after the system reboot, check these articles:

    • How to automatically start a network license server on Mac
    • How to Configure the OSX Network License Manager via GUI to Start Automatically

    A step-by-step video tutorial can be found here below.


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