How to edit DWGs from Fusion 360 in the model workspace in AutoCAD


How to edit a drawing from Fusion 360 in AutoCAD in model space. After exporting a drawing from Fusion 360, it opens in AutoCAD placed on a layout instead of in model space. Copying items over to model space may lose certain elements (i.e., drawing views).


Fusion 360 drawing views remain associative to the designs they are created from. This means that if the design is changed within Fusion 360’s model workspace, the changes will go through to the drawing and any other data related to the design (i.e. CAM tool paths, simulations, etc.). Because of this, the drawings are not fully editable in AutoCAD without some minor work.


After opening the DWG file in AutoCAD, use the
EXPORTLAYOUT command to save the layout to a new drawing. The screencast shown below shows the entire process from start to finish.

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